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  1. Updated NVidia drivers, nothing changed. So I am running out of ideas, will write to support. Thanks for your suggestions.
  2. @ajz3d: hmm, Nothing on the machine but Windows Defender. I ran the program with admin rights, don't know what there could be else. But thanks for the hint. @MichaelGdrs: driver is always a good candidate. I will try to test for updates again (done already some days ago, but...)
  3. OK, Laptop is running again (Mainboard exchanged). I installed the 4.7.36 Version and nothing changed. I installed it alternately in C:\Tools\3dCoat-Folder, but same behaviour. If I install 3dCoat in a virtual machine running under VMWare-Player, all works like charm. I don't have a clue where to search for the problem. Is there any Log-file or sth that i can view?
  4. The workflow in the Paint room is not the problem. The way TO the paintroom is. I think, i found the solution. In the sculpt room I took the Clay-Shader for the model. If I reset this to Default, it works.
  5. I used the bake command. The Import Object dialog appears as the last dialog of the bake command:
  6. Hi Folks, I have already completed some simple objects and imported them to unity. But some of my models don't do what I want. One example: I want to sculpt a simple block for a stair or a wall. The sculpt looks like this: Very simple, very basic, very boring, I know. Next, I do the low poly mesh, define Seams and unwrap: The UV needs some workover, I know. The problem begins with the BAKE: I choose Unity and let the standard settings as is. The result is this: The normal map looks very scattered, and the model is not usable with this map. What am I doing wrong here?
  7. Just as I was answering this post, my laptop's mainboard died. So I have to wait until Monday to continue with tests. Here are the Specs of the Laptop: Dell XPS 15 9560 i7700 HQ 32 GB Ram NVidia Geforce 1050 GTX As soon as the laptop is working again, i will install the new (beta) version. I think it could be some rights problem, so I will install the program in another folder than Program Files. I'll keep you informed. Thanks for your help so far. Regards Alex
  8. Hi I have a new laptop and installed 3dCoat (downloaded today, v4.7.35). The install process went through without errors. I startet 3dCoat via the link in the start menu (link names 3D-Coat(DX)). The splash screen pops up. After some seconds another window in the backgroud pops up with the caption 3D-COAT 4.7.35(DX64). The second window is completely white. Then nothing else happens. Splash screen and second window are visible and nothing changes. I have waitet for about 5 minutes and stopped the program with the task manager. I deinstalled, downloaded the same version again and tried it again, same result. What else can i do to get it running? Regards Alex Edit: after some seconds the task goes to 0% cpu load.
  9. Thanks for all the answers. For the first: not fully understanding is a little understated. I have seen all videos of alien minefield and nearly all of 3DCoat-Learn. I have read most of the 3DCoat-material that is available on the net. I have googled literally days for all my problems. And i am still far from using 3DC as it is supposed to. I understand that my first post in this forum let you all roll your eyes and say "not another noob that we have to walk through all tutorials". But at least i found out that 3dc has some stumbling stones that makes it really hard for a newbie to get into the workflow. For this actual problem (which is solved due to your help) i had a nice rock with uv map and got to the paint room. This behaviour drove me crazy. I did not find any hint in the videos or google. The above problem description was the simplest way to reproduce the behaviour, so i choosed it to post it in here. The only thing i forgot was to Bake a normal map... Sorry for the long post and thanks once more. There will be more problems, i know for sure. Can anyone tell me how to set the title of this thread to solved?
  10. Hi folks, this is my first post as i am new to 3DCoat. I am some old guy, software developer, game enthusiast. I try to make some models for Unity3D, bought 3DCoat and now i am stuck. Modelling works, Retopo is going to work. I really miss some good reference for 3DCoat, hints are welcome. My actual problem: when applying PBR material to an object, it seems to look all right in the preview, but when on the model, it has very low details and looks blurry. I found no hint to this behaviour, so does anyone have a hint where to look? I try to attach a picture of the issue. What have i done? Create a voxel sphere, switch to paint room, apply PBR in an extra layer.
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