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  1. Saving brush presets work around: to make brush presets working after recall from presets panel - need to duplicate original brush in a brush left side menu then to make some custom tuning and after add preset to the preset panel. In this way presets starts to work
  2. @liok@Andrew Shpagin@Carlosan HI! )) I don't think that brush presets from 4,9 will work on 2021 version good because brush engine was changes... but I very upset that i'm couldn't use my newly created presets in this 2021 version - when I click on my new preset parameters are changes but brush doesn't do anything with surface. And in addition the default folder is empty after installation. Here the screen capture and some screenshots Preset poblem.mp4
  3. @Andrew Shpagin @CarlosanHi! Need an urgent help here! Saved brush presets are not working after recall .. I have Mac version latest beta (54). And I also have brush presets panel empty after installing 2021 beta (54) Mac version - so no prebuild presets here like I have in 4.9 version of 3dcoat An even new saved presets are not working (except noise tool- this one is ok) . can you give some advice please?
  4. Hi! I just wan to know how make crisp edges in low poly modeling with live smoothing? I Rhino 7 , for example, while modeling in sudivs I can select some edges and just make them crisp - so subdiv smoothing is not applied to this edges
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