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  1. Geika

    My projects

    Thanks Kenmo.
  2. Geika

    My projects

    Hello Everybody, I begin a new post to present all my stuffs. Here is A humanoid wolf made with 3D coat and Zbrush. Hope you'll enjoy it.
  3. Thank you Haunted for your comment! The structure of my horns are volontary a little angular. I prefer this, I think it's a little more dynamic. Here is the current work. Long stop in the hollydays, I'm currently working on the dreds and it's why they are transparent.
  4. Hello guys. I was on holidays, and didn't have a lot of time to work on my satyr. Here is some news: I've poursuit the posing in zbrush, because the posing tool was more intuitive for me than the 3dcoat one. Then make some base for the accessories in 3Dcoat then imported them in zbrush. And I project to make the hair and fur in zbrush with fibermesh. It was hard to learn zbrush in deep, and hopefully, I've had some base on zbrush. I think that the combo 3Dcoat then zbrush is really cool and effective. Would love to make all in 3Dcoat but zbrush has functions that 3Dcoat don't. Here is the progression:
  5. Geika

    Cartoon Animal Organic Models

    I'm asking myself the same question, zbrush fibermesh like would be awsome! I like a lot your eagle and monkey
  6. A little rework of the horns with the splines tools. and finishing the retopo, just need some improvement on the legs, and finish the horns and hands:
  7. BVKNOTTY: yeah I have to test this with the cut of tool, it's right that I've had some special results sometimes. It's maybe because of this. thanks! BlueKaiTheEnd: Yes it's this tuto. Scott make me think of Donald, Trump when he says: fantastic, awesome, beautifull every 3 words, but it's a good tuto and I've learned some precious workflow! Saddly we can find plenty of zbrush tuto, but not a lot about 3dcoat. So it's really precious for me.
  8. wow thanks a lot, that change all. even my preview are more in proportions! That's a super advice!
  9. Hello everyone, I've begun a new project the last weekend and wanted to show you the work in progress. Love 3D coat so much, it's really a solid software! I've begun with a basemesh then sculpted finishing details: and trying some hair styling (but I think I will make the hair in blender): The next step in to retopo ( beurk don't like that) What do you guys think about it?
  10. Geika

    Dragon WiP

    I really like the massive jaw, but think that the horns deserve a better texture. Maybe the render is a little too dark, it's in fire it should be little brighter. like the texture a lot, can you explain the configuration of the smart material?
  11. Hello, I'm very excited to show you my first ever 3d character. I've looked at the tutoriel on udemy to learn 3d coat. So here's the result. I've got only one problem: impossible to put a background panorama in the render room? Is it a limitation of the student version?
  12. Geika

    cellulite smoothing?

    Hello all I'm loosing my hair on a problem that is very disturbing for me: When I smooth something in surface mode I've got cellulite like structure under my brush that stays after. The aspect is really ugly. 3D coat is a really nice soft, but that smooth tool destroy all. I've tried to change the "shift action" and shift+ctrl on all the possibilities, and never find something satisfying. The best combination i've found is the "anti bump" and "powerfull smooth" but the powerfull smooth tool is reducing the number of triangles, and the smoothing rapidly loosing in efficacity and redo cellulite. When sculpting with a tool in tool option I push the detail to 4 or 5 in order to make sufficient detail in the wireframe, so this is not that option which is the problem Is there a way for the smooth tool to not degrade the wireframe structure localy when smoothing? Switching beetween powerfull smooth, anti bump and add details or extra details, isn't practical at all.... How you guys do you do? When watching videos on youtube, it seems that a lot of users have that problem, but don't mind... I can't
  13. Geika

    Computer scratching sound in DX

    Mine is be quiet Dark power Pro 11, 750W 80+ platinum. I think it's a good one,
  14. Geika

    Computer scratching sound in DX

    What brand was your power supply stusucliffe? My power supply is garanted 5 years, and is more powerfull than the effective needs of my computer, but I'll be green if one of my composant die 'cause of a soft. I don't want my composants ages prematurly with 3d coat Should I add ram to let the proc breath? Or make a SLI with my GC?
  15. Geika

    Computer scratching sound in DX

    I've made an audio file of that sound. the high frequencies sound correspond when I move the view or work on the sculpt. Be carefull at the end of the audio file, there's a louder sound, don't go break your ears. Mémo 002_sd.m4a