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  1. Darn. It's a Mac version. Thanks for your help with this Carlosan. I have been encountering so many problems with the uv unwrap in 4.9.17. It's driving me nuts. I can't even save the UV sets now so the obj I save out won't have my updated uvs. Keeps crashing. I hope I don't several hours of unwrap work. It's weird Pilgway doesn't list older 4.9 on their "older version downloads" webpage either. They have 4.8 and prior. Anywhere else you think I could get 4.9.01? Thanks.
  2. Okay. Sorry to bug. Couldn't find 4.909 in their archive list of versions. Any chance you would know where to download 4.909 from? Thanks
  3. Ok cool thanks Carlosan. Good idea. Figured the latest would be more stable. I'll make sure to install 4.9.09.
  4. I've never had this issue with prior version but with both the latest update of 4.9.15 & 4.9.17 the UV unwrap feature not working properly. I'm working with a 30,000 poly model and 3d-coat freezes for like 30 seconds every time I mark a seam or edge loop during UV unwrap. The issue doesn't happen when I use UV Path features. It has been doing this for hours. I might get a rare snippet of time where I won't get any brief freeze ups. I mainly work in the retopo room but I tried it in the UV room and it freezes up there too. I normally run GL mode in the because my computer is fast enough but I might try DX mode to test.