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  1. Not sure if it was mentioned but Retopo via decimation is not working. No dialog will pop up to select density and it will just go straight to decimation but shows bad results.
  2. Testing Cycles render in Blender. I modeled and textured this ship in 3DC. I plan to make more and create maybe more interesting scene.
  3. Did you tried turn on Auto Smooth in 3DC dialog and set max angle to 0 ?
  4. @geo_n Last SP update allows to paint over texture sets @tiburbage Substance painter is better for texture work. You have a ton of generators that can generate various noises and masks instantly and everything is stored in layers so you can change it any time. 3Dc doesn't have that, only attaching smart material to layer but that's not much and it does not work awlays and its laggy. But substance is missing couple of things like pen tool or some custom selections like vertex lines or closed curves, that you can use to paint. SP is missing as well a feature if you have multiple objects in scene you cannot turn them of or on if you want to separate them, you need to either duplicate them and do exploded view or add opacity layer to hide them. 3Dcoat has painted objects list where you can turn off or on any separate mesh in scene.
  5. Do you have voxel mesh hidden in paint room, because it seems like your are vertex painting, I dont see anything on UV islands on your picture as well
  6. Hello, thanks for the comment. It is rendered in Marmoset tool bag. It is simple transparent layer with max glossiness and added dirt on top.
  7. Playing with cloth tool, render in Marmoset
  8. I am not getting very good results, I am not sure what I am missing HDRP: 3Dcoat:
  9. You can add your own objects to models folder or you can go to retopo room, use those primitives under Primitives option, adjust them how you lik and either add them model folder or import them and convert to voxel
  10. Doing some design exploration for HUM 3D 2020 Rover challenge.
  11. little exploration, 3dcoat + octane
  12. Hmm, strange. Lower light object is sharing UV with first one, UV is overlaying there. Will try reset or older version again.
  13. Hello, I recently create mesh in 3ds max and exported high poly and low poly. Low poly contains 2 uv maps 1001 and 1002, after importing low poly mesh to retopo room, all looks well but will crash instantly. Tried to fix anything possible in 3Ds max in export, corrected transforms etc but still crashing. Tried on 4.9.37 GL and DX. Tried export as FBX as well but both models will got completely messed up. Links with models if anyone wants to check: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4lhh2kwlzkamhd2/AACsdNFFE-zoSZnBvI47ejJRa?dl=0
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