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  1. Skye

    Textures out?

    Do you have voxel mesh hidden in paint room, because it seems like your are vertex painting, I dont see anything on UV islands on your picture as well
  2. Hello, I am new her and big fan of 3Dcoat, here is recent bust I did. I tried to upload it to Sketchfab here here Somehow I am not able to edit all materials, I only wanted simple colors and tried retopo with low poly decimated parts but 3D coat froze
  3. Skye

    Skye's sketchbook

    Hello, thanks for the comment. It is rendered in Marmoset tool bag. It is simple transparent layer with max glossiness and added dirt on top.
  4. Skye

    Skye's sketchbook

    Playing with cloth tool, render in Marmoset
  5. Skye

    Export Preset for Unity HDRP

    I am not getting very good results, I am not sure what I am missing HDRP: 3Dcoat:
  6. Skye

    Skye's sketchbook

    3Dcoat + Arnold
  7. Skye

    3dcoat preset primitives

    You can add your own objects to models folder or you can go to retopo room, use those primitives under Primitives option, adjust them how you lik and either add them model folder or import them and convert to voxel
  8. Skye

    Skye's sketchbook

    Doing some design exploration for HUM 3D 2020 Rover challenge.
  9. Skye

    Skye's sketchbook

    little exploration, 3dcoat + octane
  10. Hello, I recently create mesh in 3ds max and exported high poly and low poly. Low poly contains 2 uv maps 1001 and 1002, after importing low poly mesh to retopo room, all looks well but will crash instantly. Tried to fix anything possible in 3Ds max in export, corrected transforms etc but still crashing. Tried on 4.9.37 GL and DX. Tried export as FBX as well but both models will got completely messed up. Links with models if anyone wants to check: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4lhh2kwlzkamhd2/AACsdNFFE-zoSZnBvI47ejJRa?dl=0
  11. Hmm, strange. Lower light object is sharing UV with first one, UV is overlaying there. Will try reset or older version again.
  12. Skye

    Skye's sketchbook

    Thanks for crit, will definitely keep that in mind on next project!
  13. Skye

    Issue with baking normals

    Did you tried some of these optons? https://3dcoat.com/manual/uv/251-uvtools/
  14. Skye

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    try 3D spline
  15. On second thought, If you select no baking option, there is no reason for normals to be baked even with smoothing groups on. So you should try to go with bake normals and it will work. I think its by design.
  16. Did you calculate curvature map first?