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  1. Thank you That was indeed the case. I'm using Avast and I found the executable in the chest. I restored it and all its seem to be working fine now
  2. I install the new version 4.8 but I was too excited to read the last screen's instructions that win10 users should not run the program from the links so I clicked the GL version. I dont know if that caused the problem but now the GL executable is missing. Since I have uninstall/reinistall the program, even delete the v4.8 folder under users but nothing seem to work. Any advice how to make the GL version to work? The DX version works fine Thank you
  3. Thank you. Its good to know that the coords are displayed there. However I was wondering how I can get the coordinates into a script. In particular I'm looking something that prompts the user to pick a point on an object and get the x, y,z values inside the script.
  4. Hi, I was looking through the documentation but I couldn't find any method which returns the coordinates when one clicks on an object. Is there any way to get that? Thank you
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