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  1. I have a downloaded copy of my password text file from your website whereby when I open 3d coat I then navigate to the "download license" text file where I click on it and all is well. The thing is when I open 3d coat again, I have to repeat the same process over again and again
  2. Each time I open up 3d coat I must find the licene file and I can then use the program. Why doesn't it remember the licene file. 3D coat linux 2022.45
  3. I am using Linux mint 20.03 for the 3d coat and blender exchange it just doesn't work at all on any Blender 3.1, 3.2 or 2.93. I am trying to use it with 3d coat 2021 or 2022 with no results. I have found the 3d coat exchange folder in the Document folder but it has nothing in it. I have tried several times before this to move the basic cube over and nothing happen. 3D coat has very poor documentation on these things and I don't think I will ever upgrade this software. The software is very capable for doing a lot of things if you can get it to work. I have had 3d coat since version 4 which is about 4 or 5 years now
  4. 3d Coat doesn't open for me as well. I tried to download from Europe as well as North America. It doesn't make any different. I have been using 3D-Coat for a long time and I have downloaded several updates and this one isn't working right. It's time for 3d-Coat to look into this one!!!
  5. We have been hearing this for sometime now. It's like the old days when you put a carrot in front of the horse to get him to run a little faster. The horse never catches the carrot. We have been hearing this for years and here we go again with the carrot again.
  6. I have purchased the Linux version of 3d-coat first and used it for several years and I discovered that it was know longer going to updated. I than purchase the Windows version and used it with the Wine addon. Each time I install it from a new update of my software I would install the Windows version of 3D-coat I would get a error from 3D-coat saying my software is unregistered. Buying a Windows version of 3d-coat and installing it into your Linux machine has it own problems. 3d-coat should be honouring their advertising putting out a Linux version. In the future I will not be updating the software. I will instead be using Blender which is free and they develop the software using Linux and Windows is the one that is playing 2nd fiddle.
  7. I have asked about this about a year ago now with no Linux 3D-coat software updates. I was told back then that you have Linux Wine software that can provide you with 3D-coat software experience. It's not the same as 3D-coat Linux software. The comments that are shown above doesn't show the year of the comment. I think this has been going on for sometime now
  8. It has been sometime since the last update for Linux. I understand that you are moving to a native "3DCoat" build under newest Ubuntu using its latest "GCC". This is taking sometime to get to that point. Is there a expect date on this completion.
  9. I have had a lot of problems with 3d Coat with Blender. I use the Blender 2.79 64 bit Linux version and the 2.80. I use the applink for the 2.79 and I get the following back after updating the drawing in 3d coat (picture enclosed). The shader in the middle image shows shows some connections that doesn't do anything for the 3d-coat robot. The far left is the rendered view of the shader network and the far right is the 3D-coat robot that was sent over. As you can see the shader network didn't transfer over the right nodes. Blender 2.80 the applink doesn't work at all.
  10. Everything seems to working until Blender 2.78B than the plugin didn't work anymore. I'm not sure what has happen with this release but it doesn't work anymore. Is there any help on this
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