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    Linux updates news

    I have asked about this about a year ago now with no Linux 3D-coat software updates. I was told back then that you have Linux Wine software that can provide you with 3D-coat software experience. It's not the same as 3D-coat Linux software. The comments that are shown above doesn't show the year of the comment. I think this has been going on for sometime now
  2. foremancr

    Linux updates news

    It has been sometime since the last update for Linux. I understand that you are moving to a native "3DCoat" build under newest Ubuntu using its latest "GCC". This is taking sometime to get to that point. Is there a expect date on this completion.
  3. foremancr

    3dCoat to Blender PBR rendering problems

    I have had a lot of problems with 3d Coat with Blender. I use the Blender 2.79 64 bit Linux version and the 2.80. I use the applink for the 2.79 and I get the following back after updating the drawing in 3d coat (picture enclosed). The shader in the middle image shows shows some connections that doesn't do anything for the 3d-coat robot. The far left is the rendered view of the shader network and the far right is the 3D-coat robot that was sent over. As you can see the shader network didn't transfer over the right nodes. Blender 2.80 the applink doesn't work at all.
  4. foremancr

    Blender Applink

    Everything seems to working until Blender 2.78B than the plugin didn't work anymore. I'm not sure what has happen with this release but it doesn't work anymore. Is there any help on this