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  1. This would be nice too! I gotta admit I feel sometimes the viewport get's confusing, another thing I may add is to lower the color of lines that are behind the model, so we can visually see in 3D space our curves. And another addition is to preview the curve path when drawing in retopo:
  2. The new version of 3D Coat, changed a lot of it's interface and comes with very welcome changes. However I think it still need some tweaks for a better on boarding, usability and readability. Here I will propose some tweaks to the interface that could be welcome. please let me know what do you think. I'm not a very hardcore 3D Coat user myself, and this issues rely on new user experiences and expectations. In general we could agree that 3D Coat has many features and this represent itself on the interface. However, this can generate a lot of clusters of information, I have separate by room’s and also include some workflow changes too. Welcome box: Removing some of the clutter of the welcome screen, Icons should be organized by function, like Sculpt, Modelling, Painting, Retopology and System. I've removed the social media because I believe they could be icons below. UI/UX: Ability to switch rooms with shortcuts, ex., jump between retopo, paint and sculpt with Crtl + 1, 2 and 3. Unify the names of the Sculpt Tree and Curve tree. (SculptTree and Curve tree are spelled differently, with space and different lower cases.) Modeling Room: Easy shortcut to "Unlink the mesh and send to sculpt room", ex., A button or a drop-down menu under the poly group to "Send to sculpt room". Sculpt Room: Separate the default MATCAPS to another category, since the program tell it's not accurate to bake them, you can remove some confusion separate them from Matcap and PBR. Easy access for the cavity and bulge settings after you choose a material, you can ask if you want to change right now or not. Easy access to "Use current Alpha", instead of opening the brush menu it would be nice to have it in the upper bar, so you can easily click them. Retopo Room: Ability to hide Polygroup and SculptTree that are linked. Ex. When you create a mesh from AUTOPO, it link that poly group to that sculpt, so you can click on the icon holding control to hide both poly group and sculpt room. The same goes to Paint Objects. Easy access for the cavity and bulge settings to better visualize the model. Make the curve visibility lower or darken when it's behind the model, to better visualize in 3D space the UV line. Be able to preview which path the algorithm will take when adding UV-Lines. Paint Room: Ability to quick hide all sculpt layer to just focus on the Paint Objects. This is all I can contribute right now, I know many other users may have other complain's, so feel free to add and discuss. Thank you!
  3. Small pet peeve of mine, but there is a reason export geometry has a standard search window and textures has this legacy format: It would be nice to have both as the first standard search window.
  4. Hi Carlos!, Thx for the reply, I had deleted the unused Paint Object and it worked! Thank you!
  5. 3DCoatGL64_GuqykS4vE4.mp4 The video above is very descriptive of the error. I have 2 objects in the paint room that i need to export, but 3D is shutting down. This is the file for download and testing: https://we.tl/t-Fb7KJsMP9T One thing that could be the error is the AUTOPO, it leaved some holes in the mesh, but i didn't bother to clean it. Thank you!
  6. **EDIT: I had converted the PSD in PNG's and upload them as Strips, now they are working! Thank you for the support! I had done the way that you had shown. However he just create one brush from the pack (There are 6 in total) I had tried importing one by one, and he don't recognized the brushes. And when I draw the brush perform like this:
  7. I need to import this collection of alphas to 3D Coat, however when I import with "Add folder" it only creates one brush. Did the process had changed? Because I tried adding the existing folder and 3D began to show this error: "Not enough memory error, the image is too big" This is the pack that I want to install: https://www.cubebrush.co/ehsan/products/l7cqea/demo-_-41-seam-stitch-alpha-brushe Where and How I should import it? Many thanks! ***I wanted to create this post in the "general problems" but for whatever reason the session it's locked for me.
  8. Hi! I use Affinity Photo too and mine has the same issue. Thanks for pointing this out, because I was thinking that the feature wasn't working. We just need to remember to rename the layers.
  9. Thanks! I have tested myself here, and it worked! However this version is stable for production? Or I can use it just fine.
  10. Hi! Just wanna point out that the link it's leading to a 404 page. I'm afraid they have changed the link, to go to the download page it's this one: https://3dcoat.com/download/
  11. I'm using the 2021.21 ver., I didn't know they have that many revisions!, I will try on the latest stable version too. I'm attaching the file if you want to test yourself, this looks like more a issue from imported meshes. You can see the same error happening to this guy at 1:40, the behavior it's the same as mine. Cheers! Buddy NOD - Suit.3b
  12. I have this problem since the last version of 3D Coat, When I tried using the curves, most os the time they fail to stroke all the way around. Like the example below: I'm missing some settings? Or doing something wrong? Most od the time I just need to create loops (both painted or sculpted) this is the best way to do it? Cheers! Thank you!
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