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  1. Appreciate it; that didn't help in this particular case, but I DID manage to get done what I was trying to do (bake a normal map). I just used Normal Bake w/ PTEX and that sent over the normal as well as the low-poly mesh to the paint room. Feels really good to have that done! First time I've baked normals. I'll keep fiddling and bump the thread if I find out the direct source of the crash. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Hello, I'm currently on the trial version of 3D Coat, seeing if it's right for me (I say that just in case there's some limitations in the trail version unbeknownst to me). I currently have a relatively basic obj. file (a bell post) that I've retopo'd. I now want to update the model in the paint room with the retopo mesh, and then afterwards bake normals. Every time I bake though, 3D Coat crashes. Every time. Any hints on what could be going wrong? I'm on a GTX 780, 16gbs of RAM, so I'm not thinking the rig is the issue, but who knows. Thanks in advance everyone; besides these occasional technical hiccups, I'm enjoying learning this program.
  3. Thanks for these tutorials, I'll likely be going through them over the next couple days. Can I ask a quick question? I'm currently on the trial for both 3D Coat and Substance Painter, sort of trying to decide which one to go with (I know some people use both, but I'm looking to learn one, for both simplicity and financial sake). My question is in regards to PBR and various brushes. WHAT exactly defines the PBR in 3D Coat, is it solely the use of Smart Materials, or can you paint with basic brushes and add PBR functionality to your piece? Just a little foggy on the whole thing, any clarification would help. Again, thanks for the tuts. Videos and communities like these help people a ton.
  4. Great, I'll look for that and give it a go. Appreciate ya.
  5. Hello, I have a beginners question regarding basic workflow. I do all my modeling in Cinema 4D and at this point, am looking to use 3D Coat for the UV tools (SO GOOD!) and the painting. Basically, I'm just looking for resources/youtubes you may now of that discuss this workflow. For example, I want to know how to get a Normal Map for my object, but most of the tuts I've come across talk about baking a normal from a low poly/high poly mesh created within 3D Coat. At this point, 100% of my modeling will be done outside of 3D Coat, and I'll just be UV'ing and painting. Just curious if anyone else follows this workflow or has any tips for me in regards to preparing the model. Thanks in advance, Kel
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