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  1. Alessandro Paviolo

    Paint room - layers problem

    KK! gonna try now doing that! ty so much for your patience!
  2. Alessandro Paviolo

    Paint room - layers problem

    Ok, I'll try to explain it better with more images: 1. I did this simple model in the Sculpt room I divided each part on a different VoxTree 2. Than I Decimate all the parts in a smaller polycount and then imported each piece for the baking; I baked with "Bake w/ normal map (per-Pixel) with also corrisponding name for baking. 3. Now if i turn off the Voxel ecc. I have the object like this, that means it is baked i think. The difference between my result and the one I attached in the previous post is that I only have "layer 0" and "layer 1" instead of having the ambinet occlusion, the normal map and also each of my piece. This is what I'm not understanding. Maybe this thing is kinda silly, but since I'm new I'm finding a difficult here.
  3. Alessandro Paviolo

    Paint room - layers problem

    How I'm able to apply the smart materials to different parts then, like a rusty metal for the sphere and glass for the lens?
  4. Alessandro Paviolo

    Paint room - layers problem

    It is ON, what i mean is all the layers in this image are missing even if I've done after sculping, the baking process, including the ambient occlusion and normal map.
  5. Alessandro Paviolo

    Paint room - layers problem

    Hi, I'm kinda new to this program and after watching a few courses i got stuck here: the problem I have is that after i sculpt and then bake the objects, I dunno why in the paint room i cannot see anything in the layers, even if they are shown in paint objects. Maybe I understood wrong, but how can I get different materials if they are not separed in different layers? Thank you for the answer and the patience