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  1. What method or software did you use to get low-polygon 3d models? Preferably I'm looking for a 3D software compatible with Artec Studio 15 that can export STL\OBJ\DXF files.
  2. ShawnD

    EinScan Pro+ scanner tutorial

    I'm choosing "new" 3d scanner for our small office, stucked a bit on these offers (our budget doesn't allow us to go beyond the limits of $20k, may be +$1-2k more but it's max) - Leica c5 (ebay, used), Creaform 700 CX (ebay, used too), Artec Eva (new) or eQuality Rexcan DS3 (amazon, new, but I doubt because I've never heard of this scanner). Can you give any advise pls if it's not hard for you? I know that buying used tools is kinda buying a cat in a bag.
  3. ShawnD

    Newbie question, sorry

    Hello! I got 3d scan of statue, postprocessing and texturing was done in artec studio, but then I had a need to add a foot cause the scanner did not capture it (my bad)... I tried to use 3DC but it didn't want to import such high-res mech (12 mil polys), I waited about 15 min or so, then my system crashed twice. It just frustrating me, should I reduce polys?
  4. Nice work! Merry Christmas to all!
  5. ShawnD

    [Solved] restore 3dcoat to default setting

    Having pretty same problem, thanks, I'll try earlier version too
  6. ShawnD

    Out of Memory?!

    I'm, frequent crashes all the time... Cannot afford new system now
  7. ShawnD

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone! My name is Shawn and i'm pretty new in 3D modeling, absorbing a lot of information for now and trying not bothering more expirienced people Thanks!