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  1. Still have the same problem after some experimenting I save my texture in Photoshop as 300dpi and import it into 3DC. My resolution is 2048x2048 but of course 72 DPi in the painting room I switch over to photoshop (Ctrl P) and up the res to at least 200 DPI. When I save the texture and go back to 3DC resolution is again 72DPI. When I am finished with painting and export a 72 DPI texture I cannot bump it up to 300 DPI in Photoshop This does not enhance the quality. My workaround so far is that I use multiple UV maps so that my geometries cover much more space on the UV map. That way my painted area is not restricted to 2048x2048. It is not the best solution. I would appreciate any additional help on that topic. Any ideas?
  2. Thank you so much. This was exactly the issue. Problem solved Cheers
  3. Hi, thanks for responding. That is not the issue. I do not print. I export the texture to another software - so it is a digital workflow. The mouth is just distorted. but I painted it with front view on an almost flat surface. My question is if the UV map I created is ok? It is not symmetrical. Could this be the problem?
  4. Hi Everybody, so I am painting a texture in 3d coat and am happy with it. Then I export to Pepakura and everytime certain parts are distorted. Do I need to make the UV map symmetric? If yes I have no clue how to do that and i think its unnecessary extra steps. I attached screenshots to show. Any ideas?
  5. Hi everybody, Could anybody help me finding a good workflow to texture my papermodels in 3DC? I keep it as short as possible. Here is what I do: - Make illustration in Illustrator - export as jpg / 72 DPI but bigger size (4000 x 4000 pixel) - Import my lowpoly obj. model and the jpg into 3DC. (I only have 2048 version). - I UV map and then paint. Awesome !!!! - Export obj with texture as jpg Import into pepakura. The quality is poor. Do I have to work with 300 dpi from the beginning? Is jpg a bad choice? I cannot load the exported tiffs into Pepakura. My UV maps are not symmetric. I don't know how to do that yet. Is that the reason why some details show up distorted in Pepakura? Like nostrils or a mouth which looked well balanced in 3DC. I keep experimenting but it would be phantastic if somebody could share his/her knowledge with me. Cheers