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    [Solved] Auto Retopo !

    Thank you so much! I always give a respond to give other users the visibile style of the solution, and AbnRanger gave the perfect answer! This is what i did: I took the main tree root, and seperated it from the root split top. Same with all the branches from the root split top. Then when i was gonna give the count of pollies, my math was like this: Root main: 1/1 15000 polly Root split top: 3/4 10000 polly Branches varies by size, but the one on the picture got this 1/4 1000 pollys Thanks for the answer, i hope this help others too!
  2. oppne

    [Solved] Auto Retopo !

    Hi guys! So i have some small issues, where ever i try to retopologize these meshes, some weird shit happends and it doesnt do it well! So i have used it a bit, and it has worked fine for other less complex stuff. So i know i would get some work here, at some point i got it fine, non the less, alot of bad topology! So, its probably just me doing something wrong! I tried jucing up the different settings, and yeah, but the thing is this: I took it into maya (3d model animation software) and seperated all meshes, removed them, closed holes and took it back, got then the result from the seconds picture! Which was better.