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  1. Thanks Carlosan, as I hope I indicated above. I may have some issue on my end not related to 3DC, not sure yet but by my moving the file to my local drive off the network, I was able to get both a curve and ao bake to work? Maybe there still is a problem and it's intermittent.
  2. Thank you. I took a shower and was still frozen. So I copied file to differen't drive and it ran and calced in a 30 sec.! I'm thinking it's my drive or network now. Thanks for confirming it should work. Ugh.
  3. Should have just used a procedural curvature node in Maya/RS. Kinda missed a soft deadline BTW, thanks for your help and Carlos! Much appreciated. Blue spinner circle still doing it's thing. I'll check in 15min. See if I am just being impatient.
  4. I'm using default AO, But .43 gamma as I'm using for an emission layer in Post. Samples at 4096 with 4x AA. my percentage counted up to 3619% in Top Right corner and now appears to be frozen. It's been going for 5 min. I'm going to wait a bit longer but sure feels frozen to me. My onboard Mem is fine, disk space, etc. Win10 (tragic) 2080ti Plenty of CPU. I mean Top Left of GUI..
  5. Can you Digman bake AO using 4096 lights? I can't and wanting that resolution. With default settings of that scene at 0 AA and 4096 I get freeze still.
  6. TI got AO to finish using 0 antialias, was set to 4 before. That may be the AO issue.
  7. I have a complex model of a brain. I'm trying to get an AO and need the Curve map to finish model 3DC just freezes trying to build either of these. I've lost a few scene files in the process. I would like to upload the current scene that keeps freezing if there is room. I do have several UV maps with varying texres sizes as I need this this way for post and Maya work in RS. Attached are the files for diagnostics. Thanks, Jason DxDiag.txt Log.txt Brain RT_LT_Clean_09_RT_1.3b
  8. co3Darts

    [bug] Paint brush modulator tool

    Thank you! Thought I was loosing it.
  9. Hello, I'm not seeing a way to get the Paint room modulator brush tool to show up in the GUI. I'm using 4.9.57. I've not noticed when this tool moved or was replaced by something else but can't find it after an hour of fiddling around. Thanks!
  10. co3Darts

    Maya appLink

    Getting errors with import, export. Using Maya 2020.1 and latest 3DC not alpha. I set 3D-Coat Path:C:\Program Files\3DCoat-V4.9.37\3DCoatDX64.exe Exchange_Directory: c:\temp However when I launch PPP button. I get 3DC to open, however it presents the usual dialog box, doesn't import my object from Maya. Then if I select per pixel paint, I don't see imported .obj still. When I navigate to C:\temp. I don't see an .obj to link up to there either? Thanks!
  11. co3Darts

    Retopo Mesh UV vs Paint Mesh UV

    That's ridiculously cool! Thanks a ton Carlosan
  12. co3Darts

    Retopo Mesh UV vs Paint Mesh UV

    I figured out what I was doing wrong, I was using Unify UV which I realize now moves all UV's to current UV set instead of simply selecting islands and picking the UV set from drop down. Doh! I'm trying to paint several objects of similar shape. I believe 3DCoat doesn't handle multiple objects easily, for instance in generating Normalmap/CurveMap/AO in Paint room, I need to turn off one paint object then generate, then toggle and generate again but I don't see under Texture where to create the Normalmap for each object? Thanks for help.
  13. co3Darts

    Retopo Mesh UV vs Paint Mesh UV

    Thanks but my question is specifically is why doesn't the "Paint Object" have the same UV layout as the Retopo object after the Bake for Pixels process is run and How do I get it to have the same? See my two images; the second image show's the UV's of the resultant Paint Object directly after the bake in Retopo Room. The first image is the UV's of my Retopo object which I've cleaned up.