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  1. co3Darts

    terrain skirt

    That's helpful. I can generate a depth map and go that route but his map/terrain is fairly simple. I am hoping to use the high density Ariel mesh I've been provided that has vertical elements like building walls etc. (not allowed to post pics ) I'd like to just give it thickness. I'm just using extrude in bottom view of orthographic a few times with ignore backfaces off. Then duplicating the vox layers and merging till I get the thickness required. Thanks Carlos.
  2. co3Darts

    terrain skirt

    Does someone know of a technique to import a terrain that has a slope to it and buildings and vertical details etc. but add thickness not along the normal using inner or outer thickness but along a negative Z axis only. So you could make a skirt for the terrain and 3d print in 1 go. I've messed with making a large volume and trying to intersect the two volumes to get just a fill under the terrain but it's not as easy as it seems. Any idears? Much appreciated! Jason
  3. co3Darts

    Animal anatomy texture painting

    Yep, per pixel.
  4. co3Darts

    Tweak Room - Transform Rotate Scale

    Yep. Just wish there was a way to transform something for paint room, even if before painting begins. Only reason I've ever used Tweak room.
  5. co3Darts

    Tweak Room - Transform Rotate Scale

    Yes that TRS gnomon is all other rooms but not in the Tweak room... So; if you bring in a perpix model into paint room. It's only available then in Tweak room and you can't rotate it precisely.
  6. Sometimes I need to bring a model into paint just to look at it or touch up something quick. If I bring the model in that room, and the Z up axis is wrong, it's hard to view. Only way to rotate it about X axis back flat is in the forgotten Tweak room. However in there, when you select all the geometry and try to rotate, It doesnt' have the numerical transform gizmo as the other rooms so you can't hit spacebar and rotate exactly 90 degrees.
  7. Thanks Carlosan, as I hope I indicated above. I may have some issue on my end not related to 3DC, not sure yet but by my moving the file to my local drive off the network, I was able to get both a curve and ao bake to work? Maybe there still is a problem and it's intermittent.
  8. Thank you. I took a shower and was still frozen. So I copied file to differen't drive and it ran and calced in a 30 sec.! I'm thinking it's my drive or network now. Thanks for confirming it should work. Ugh.
  9. Should have just used a procedural curvature node in Maya/RS. Kinda missed a soft deadline BTW, thanks for your help and Carlos! Much appreciated. Blue spinner circle still doing it's thing. I'll check in 15min. See if I am just being impatient.
  10. I'm using default AO, But .43 gamma as I'm using for an emission layer in Post. Samples at 4096 with 4x AA. my percentage counted up to 3619% in Top Right corner and now appears to be frozen. It's been going for 5 min. I'm going to wait a bit longer but sure feels frozen to me. My onboard Mem is fine, disk space, etc. Win10 (tragic) 2080ti Plenty of CPU. I mean Top Left of GUI..
  11. Can you Digman bake AO using 4096 lights? I can't and wanting that resolution. With default settings of that scene at 0 AA and 4096 I get freeze still.
  12. TI got AO to finish using 0 antialias, was set to 4 before. That may be the AO issue.
  13. I have a complex model of a brain. I'm trying to get an AO and need the Curve map to finish model 3DC just freezes trying to build either of these. I've lost a few scene files in the process. I would like to upload the current scene that keeps freezing if there is room. I do have several UV maps with varying texres sizes as I need this this way for post and Maya work in RS. Attached are the files for diagnostics. Thanks, Jason DxDiag.txt Log.txt Brain RT_LT_Clean_09_RT_1.3b