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  1. Yeah not really what I need. Trying to scale up and down a known point of particular object and don't want a parent/child relationship. Thanks though.
  2. I would like some way to take the pivot of an existing sculpt layers object and match to it? Is this possible? Thanks!
  3. Hello, Is there a way to setup a text file or pointer file so that all the brushes and customizations can be on a different larger hard drive than default My Documents? My C drive is full and mostly do to having lots of high res brushes etc. from 3DC. Thanks! Jason
  4. A video tutorial showing how 3DC is installed and where brushes, materials, and customizations go would be helpful. Lost a bunch of smart materials/pens/objects/stencils etc.
  5. This is an old thread but perhaps a video tutorial showing where this goes etc. would be helpful. I'd like to migrate the large amounts of customizations/brushes/materials to 3DC21. Not sure where to begin. Also an installer that would ask to remove the previous build cleanly and install new build but keep job history and customizations would be elegant.
  6. Massive thanks sprayer! That was it. Feel silly I didn't see that but again thanks!!
  7. This is the export constructor settings I use to send .fbx or obj to Maya. Doesn't seem like I have anything ticked wonky..
  8. I exported the paint room 3dc robot from 4.9.73 and it exported to fbx and obj just fine. Not the case obviously in for me in 3DCoat-V2021.02. Is there perhaps a preference or export option I have goofed up in 20201? I tested thoroughly before posting in the BUGS section.I set texture res in 3DC to 512x512 and used default shader ball. Uploaded the maya binary and 3dc 2021.2 file below. Thanks for taking a look. Jason 3DCv2021.2 shader ball 2021.3b fm3DC-2021 shader ball.mb
  9. Using Maya 2020.4 and 3DC 2021.0.2 (New Release). I tested exporting to FBX and OBJ from the paint room to open in Maya. I get proper textures but the geometry is garbled up badly. I made a voxel to surface geo and exported straight from sculpt room with some decimation and that exports fine to fbx and obj. But from the paint room for some reason it's a mess. Haven't changed but a few hotkeys in 3dc 2021. This is using the export constructor btw. I can send the 3DC and Maya files if needed to support but they are a bit bigger than the allowed 44mb.
  10. I'm taking 2021 for a spin right now. I can see your point on workflow. I guess It feels pretty similar in workflow and tools to v4 to me. The new poly and curve tools are a huge boone to 3DC IMO and sculpt layers. These features are documented online as well however but in the Beta stuff for v4. I'd recommend playing around with the modeling tools/curve tools and export/import some simple geometry and I think you might find it's not 'too' different IMO. Cheers. And yes Alien Mine Field I was simply using as example of 3rd party documentation. It is old but still for new user/intermediate user, I think has value still.
  11. I don't understand this gripe? There are hundreds of tutorials on youtube for instance from 3dc directly and many other artists?? Look before you say this or do you think this does not quantify as enough tutorials? On 3dcoat channel they literally cover almost every single tool; use the search on that page for a tool if you need something specific. AlienMinefield - YouTube 3DCoat - YouTube
  12. I decided to use FB which I try to stay off of, but here is what I get logging into 3dcoat.com via FB.
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