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  1. co3Darts

    Maya appLink

    Getting errors with import, export. Using Maya 2020.1 and latest 3DC not alpha. I set 3D-Coat Path:C:\Program Files\3DCoat-V4.9.37\3DCoatDX64.exe Exchange_Directory: c:\temp However when I launch PPP button. I get 3DC to open, however it presents the usual dialog box, doesn't import my object from Maya. Then if I select per pixel paint, I don't see imported .obj still. When I navigate to C:\temp. I don't see an .obj to link up to there either? Thanks!
  2. co3Darts

    Retopo Mesh UV vs Paint Mesh UV

    That's ridiculously cool! Thanks a ton Carlosan
  3. co3Darts

    Retopo Mesh UV vs Paint Mesh UV

    I figured out what I was doing wrong, I was using Unify UV which I realize now moves all UV's to current UV set instead of simply selecting islands and picking the UV set from drop down. Doh! I'm trying to paint several objects of similar shape. I believe 3DCoat doesn't handle multiple objects easily, for instance in generating Normalmap/CurveMap/AO in Paint room, I need to turn off one paint object then generate, then toggle and generate again but I don't see under Texture where to create the Normalmap for each object? Thanks for help.
  4. co3Darts

    Retopo Mesh UV vs Paint Mesh UV

    Thanks but my question is specifically is why doesn't the "Paint Object" have the same UV layout as the Retopo object after the Bake for Pixels process is run and How do I get it to have the same? See my two images; the second image show's the UV's of the resultant Paint Object directly after the bake in Retopo Room. The first image is the UV's of my Retopo object which I've cleaned up.
  5. I've found this app amazing and confusing enough that I don't use it as much as when I originally purchased But I had an what the moment today and feel Like I'm making that elusive understanding now. I typically don't use it from sculpt to paint to export because the rooms are so confusing and the geometry that is created and it's children data sets like UV's For instance, If I autopo (manual) to Retopo Room from Sculpt room of an Voxel or Surface object, everything makes sense.. Then finish/adjust retopo object, and then before you bake small surface sculpts from Sculpt room Geo to your new Retopo object; the User needs to UV unwrap the Retopo object. Great and straight forward.. After this you have a Paint Object and it's visible in the UV room However, the Paint Object UV's that you find in the UV room, don't match the Retopo Object UV's which one spent time dealing with and as I understand it are the basis for transfering sculpt detail. I believe that the Paint Object is simply a copy of the retopo object. However the Paint Object is the final low res mesh that is a Hybrid of both as it matches the retopo poly wise but has had sculpt detail baked into it for normal map generation etc. Why is it different and has sloppy UV's now that are different than the previously UV'd retopo object? Why or why shouldn't I go into the UV room and fix the wacky UV's that are now on the Paint Object (Appear to use the built in Auto Seams Algo)? If I do this; do I break some connection? Why not have the Retopo UV's the same as the Paint UV's object to begin with? Thanks!
  6. co3Darts

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Didn't restart after enabling in prefs. Thanks!
  7. co3Darts

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Thought I'd check out the new curves tool but I'm using beta for the SL. on YT liek this one. In the videos on 4.9 release, it shows that after you've enabled the curves from prefs then create them, right click on one of them; you should get a menu to perform a sweep etc. but I don't have that in -SL. Before right click then menu shown in -SL after right click. Searched around GUI but I'm not able to make a simple sweep etc. Cheers.
  8. co3Darts

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Open GL is the oldish Graphics Language Standard that is pretty raw but bulletproof, DX is kinda floofy Direct X but has had more recent dev develop time and may outlive Open GL tragically.
  9. co3Darts

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Getting similar wrong results on same build.
  10. co3Darts

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I love sculpt layers! Thank you! Wish it was in a regular build.
  11. co3Darts

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    In sculpt room, build a sphere primitive. Then make sure it's in surface mode. Build a box primitive on same layer, under tool options set mode to add, sub, intersect etc. and a gray box next to it should be there. Click on gray box and apply soft boolean option which allows the intersection edge to be filleted, chamfered when apply button is pressed.
  12. co3Darts

    Brush to un smooth areas

    Thanks for the info guys. Yes I've used crease and pinch. It's not a huge deal. I did use mudbox to amplify those details and worked well.
  13. co3Darts

    Brush to un smooth areas

    It's hard to see but the first pic of the feet and laces is smoother than the second pic slightly and is going to be 3d printed soon. I'm looking for a brush setup that is similar to the "amplify" or "contrast" brush in mudbox I suppose.
  14. co3Darts

    Brush to un smooth areas

    Is there a brush that will enhance existing detail by creasing concave areas and or sharpening convex edges? I'm looking through the manual and don't see a brush specifically for this? I have a model I had the way I wanted but had to do some boolean operations and convert surface to voxel for boolean to work. Now I have a surface that booleaned properly and again converted to a surface but in the process of voxelizing and I did voxelize very high x32 I believe before going to surface, I've lost detail in the model I want to get back. Thanks in advance!
  15. co3Darts

    Redshift support

    For GGX and various shader params it's nice to have a PBR workflow export with correct nodal hook ups from 3DC to Maya via RS as a preset. I can wrie a quick mel for hookups but just not sure what they are yet. I'm working on the PBR shader conversion right now and after day is done will post what I have. It's purely experimenting so feedback will be helpful.