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  1. co3Darts

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Open GL is the oldish Graphics Language Standard that is pretty raw but bulletproof, DX is kinda floofy Direct X but has had more recent dev develop time and may outlive Open GL tragically.
  2. co3Darts

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Getting similar wrong results on same build.
  3. co3Darts

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I love sculpt layers! Thank you! Wish it was in a regular build.
  4. co3Darts

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    In sculpt room, build a sphere primitive. Then make sure it's in surface mode. Build a box primitive on same layer, under tool options set mode to add, sub, intersect etc. and a gray box next to it should be there. Click on gray box and apply soft boolean option which allows the intersection edge to be filleted, chamfered when apply button is pressed.
  5. co3Darts

    Brush to un smooth areas

    Thanks for the info guys. Yes I've used crease and pinch. It's not a huge deal. I did use mudbox to amplify those details and worked well.
  6. co3Darts

    Brush to un smooth areas

    It's hard to see but the first pic of the feet and laces is smoother than the second pic slightly and is going to be 3d printed soon. I'm looking for a brush setup that is similar to the "amplify" or "contrast" brush in mudbox I suppose.
  7. co3Darts

    Brush to un smooth areas

    Is there a brush that will enhance existing detail by creasing concave areas and or sharpening convex edges? I'm looking through the manual and don't see a brush specifically for this? I have a model I had the way I wanted but had to do some boolean operations and convert surface to voxel for boolean to work. Now I have a surface that booleaned properly and again converted to a surface but in the process of voxelizing and I did voxelize very high x32 I believe before going to surface, I've lost detail in the model I want to get back. Thanks in advance!
  8. co3Darts

    Redshift support

    For GGX and various shader params it's nice to have a PBR workflow export with correct nodal hook ups from 3DC to Maya via RS as a preset. I can wrie a quick mel for hookups but just not sure what they are yet. I'm working on the PBR shader conversion right now and after day is done will post what I have. It's purely experimenting so feedback will be helpful.
  9. co3Darts

    Redshift support

    I Second this. There is a plugin for export import for C4D but not helpful to Maya users or other DCC apps. C4D import export here
  10. co3Darts

    New Layer Hotkey

    Hi, I'm using latest build of 3dc 4.8.10 DX64. I'm working on hotkeys and when I'm in sculpt room and try to define new layer (aka PS) from the icon on VoxTree panel, I'm not able to get 3dc to take cntrl+shift+n as an hotkey? however I can get duplicate layer on same layers panel to take cntrl+j (aka PS). Is this a bug? Can someone tell me the text command in *.hotkeys to setup new layer to force this to work? Thanks! Jason
  11. This is a wip of a tourist operation gone off the tracks on Mars. Compression on youtube was terrible for some reason. Sometimes it's great and other times it ruins animation? It's kinda look and feel for a larger project I wish to make. Huge thanks to 3Dcoat software for almost all the texturing of the vehicles and various objects.
  12. Have this problem as well. I've been getting the pose tool slice at 0,0,0 issue which shows the proper gradient but the tool is broken. Searching here I realized a work around is to move the model off the xyz plane and do the pose then move back which is working however when I do move the model temporarily I get black gradient like yourself.
  13. co3Darts

    Bake textures between 2 different models

    Thank you for the reply. I was away from my computer till today. I'll look at this video today. Much appreciated.
  14. 1. If I build an object in 3D external application that is say a cube, cylinder, sphere and then combined them as 1 mesh and export as geom1.obj. Then bring geom1.obj into paint per pixel to paint room. Then create new UV map in 3DC. Paint a simple color/reflection/normal map on object. Then Finish step 1 to export this geom1 from 3DC with textures to 3rd party app. 2. If I then import geom1.obj that was paintined and UV'd from 3DC into app. Delete the cylinder and replace with a torus for instance and recombine as a new object. Export this new objects from 3rd party app at geom2.obj. 3. Bring geom2.obj into paint room, create new UV's. Now I have original geom1 that is painted, has UV's and now have geom2 with new but different UV's. 4. Q. What bake type or tools do I use to have ray casting of geom1s color/reflection/normal map baked or partcially baked onto new geom2? The videos appear to always require a sculpt room object to be the source or it appears that baking videos and tutorials do not show how to simply to a transfer between similar objects that won't need to go through the sculpt room. Thank you!
  15. co3Darts

    Adjust mouse wheel sensitivity

    Not sure where and if it's possible to change or adjust mouse wheel sensitivity. On Windows 7 and mouse has no acceleration in windows config and is pretty standard. However in 3DCoat, I've set my preferences to have the middle mouse wheel change my brush angle. However it's changing the brush angle in huge increments like 720 degrees with just the most delicate input. Is there a place to fix this? Preferences>Viewport>Mouse Wheel = Brush Rotation Wheel Zoom for settings below this area are all at default of 1.0 I'm using the latest build of 3DCoat as well. Thanks, Jason