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    3D-Coat 2.10 BETA2

    From this day forward, the name 'Andrew Shpagin' may only be mentioned in a sentence if followed directly by the words "the Legend". The latest beta release of 3D Coat is now working perfectly on my trusty old Acer Travelmate 4020, which means that I will now also be able to detail my models in my living room while sitting with my fiancée in front of the telly after work in the evening instead of leaving her all alone while I use my more powerful desktop pc in my office. She will be very pleased! Very well done Andrew. This is so great! How do you do it? When will the 2.10 full release be ready, by the way? I am going to have to request a new hardware code and will probably need to buy a bigger hard drive for the laptop to store all of my wonderful creations. Thank you, Marc Wakefield http://www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  2. Marc Wakefield

    3.0 :)

    Wow, a new beta, today? I am looking forward to it. It sounds like you have the work/life balance figured out quite nicely, along with a very supportive family. Congratulations on the new arrival, Andrew. All the Best, Marc Wakefield http://www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  3. Marc Wakefield

    2.09 BETA2

    Thank you Andrew, I can't wait to try the tools in 2D. Marc Wakefield http://www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  4. Marc Wakefield

    WIP : Grogg

    Hi Everyone, I have been doing a bit of work for Radakan ( http://radakan.org/home/ ) creating concepts for a creature called a Grogg and I thought I should share some of the images with you. Lo Poly Grogg with Normal Map Lo Poly Grogg with Normal Map Closer The Mesh Hi Poly Grogg Head Lo Poly Grogg Head with Normal Map High Poly Grogg Relief 1 High Poly Grogg Relief 2 Marc Wakefield http://www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  5. Marc Wakefield

    WIP : Grogg

    Thank you for the feedback Yukon_28. I am glad you like it. Marc Wakefield http://www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  6. Marc Wakefield

    2.07 BETA3

    Thanks for this Andrew. The time and dedication you put into this program is quite simply amazing. I honestly think it is one of the best things I have ever paid for. I have just uploaded some more work in the WIP section and without 3D Brush (or whatever name it becomes) it would simply not be possible. Kind Regards and utmost respect, Marc Wakefield http://www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  7. Marc Wakefield

    Dino gun Wip

    Absolutely Gorgeous! Marc Wakefield http://www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  8. Marc Wakefield

    New name ?

    I am not too sure about that one. I think people may ridicule that name. Now I don't have any issues with peoples sexual orientation but "bi" usualy refers to people who "swing both ways" if you know what I mean and there are some small minded people out there. Marc Wakefield http://www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  9. Marc Wakefield

    New name ?

    Nice Logo. I like 3DB too. It is short, sweet, simple, clean, professional sounding and it has a nice ring to it. We will all remember that it stands for 3D Brush anyway. As long as we all keep promoting this fantastic program to everyone, it won't matter too much what it is called. Marc Wakefield http://www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  10. Hello, Here are a few images of some things I am working on in 3D Brush: Still needs Eyes, Teeth and Hair. He is going to be like Santa Claus, but a monsterous, coal eating version: This Ninja is an experiment in normal mapping a low poly game model for use with 3D Gamestudio. 3D Gamestudio Engine Render: Marc Wakefield www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  11. Marc Wakefield

    Latest WIPs : Santa Claws & Ninja

    Hi, A quick update. Rendered in Carrara 5, eyes and teeth added: More to come soon. Marc Wakefield http://www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  12. Marc Wakefield

    Latest WIPs : Santa Claws & Ninja

    Thank you. His mouth is black because he eats coal! :lol: Once he has some teeth and eyes and a coat, it should make him look a bit less strange. I originally came up with this idea while I was doodling on a my pda so I already know what the finished image will look like. I will post another update soon. Kind Regards, Marc Wakefield http://www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  13. Marc Wakefield

    Latest WIPs : Santa Claws & Ninja

    Thank you for the suggestions. I am going to try both ways. Here is the first test, a beard for Santa created in 3D Brush: 3D Brush screenshot: 3D Gamestudio Normal Mapped Screenshot: I love the way it is so easy to create realtime normal mapped, spec mapped models with this program. Marc Wakefield http://www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  14. Marc Wakefield

    Latest WIPs : Santa Claws & Ninja

    Yes, they do. This is why they are both WIP. (Work in Progress) I will upload more images as I work on them. I am still not sure whether to use 3d Brush to create Santa's hair or to use Anything Grows in Carrara. What do you think? Marc Wakefield www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  15. Marc Wakefield

    New update 2.01 - SP2

    Thank you, Especially for the ability to control the smoothing levels. Regards, Marc Wakefield http://www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  16. Marc Wakefield

    Support for nativ 3d formats?

    Well, Hash Animation Master support would be good, I own a copy of that software also but was never able to get on with it for modeling and so I must admit, I haven't used it in a while. If I could export a fully textured model (created in Daz's Hexagon first) from 3D Brush to A:M, I am sure I would it another chance. I do also own Carrara 5 and have tried importing an Obj (Coloured, Spec Mapped and Normal Mapped in 3D Brush) with all of textures, but the result of a render with the Normal Map / Bump Map wasn't great. (I may need to tweak the settings a bit) So, Daz want you to support their software as well? Well based on the great results I am able to achieve using Hexagon and 3D Brush together already, I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to buy your company After all, they did purchase Carrara and Hexagon because of their potential. Keep up the good work. Marc Wakefield http://www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  17. Marc Wakefield

    Support for nativ 3d formats?

    Is that MDL as in 3dGamestudio MDL? If so, that would be absolutely amazing. Would it export the Spec Map, Normal Map and Colour Map along with the model at the click of a button? Thank you. Marc Wakefield http://www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  18. Marc Wakefield

    3D-Brush 2.01 released!

    Wow, You guys are so quick at updates I think I must have waited nearly a year for Daz to update Hexagon to version 2.01 and it is was only a bug fix. (It is good for creating lo-poly meshes to import in to 3D-Brush though) Thank you. You Rock! :lol: Marc Wakefield http://www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  19. Marc Wakefield

    Links on different 3D-Brush discussions

    Hi Guys, I just started another post recommending 3D Brush to the users of 3D GameStudio http://www.coniserver.net/ubbthreads/postl...01c5b3ccd0de0da It's right near the top of the list! Marc Wakefield http://www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  20. Hi Everyone, I have been playing with the Models in 3D Brush while I am waiting for my password to arrive and I thought I would show you all one of my experiments / WIP's. I created the character below using the template head which you can open when the program starts. I am very, very impressed with this program so far. It does everything I wished Hexagon could do. I will mainly be using 3D Brush for texuring and normal mapping 3D models for use in games and I have never seen anything as intuative, easy and quick to use. I will be recommending this program to everyone I come into contact with. Well done and thank you Vladimir and Andrew for helping me out with my payment queries. Marc Wakefield http://www.marcwakefield.co.uk
  21. Marc Wakefield

    Lord Ulrich : Leader of the Wolfbane Club

    Hi, of course you can. I ended up paying via Paypal in the end and I think it will also take around 5 days to clear. How should I write the letter? Via email. Kind Regards, Marc Wakefield http://www.marcwakefield.co.uk