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  1. cerokyn

    error - not enough disk space to write

    but what disk space? i have enough ram and hard disk space. i dont understand
  2. cerokyn

    error - not enough disk space to write

    hi 4.8.37 dx64
  3. i start constantly receiving this error while working it appears while working (not saving). reboting 3dcoat doesnt solve. i dont understand what its trying to tell me, super confused can u help me plz
  4. cerokyn

    pose tool blocking other tool if mesh >10 mil

    but i will also be higly appriciate if u check on ur version if it is fixed cause installing and reinstalling beta version if they isnt stable just to be sure many thanks
  5. cerokyn

    pose tool blocking other tool if mesh >10 mil

    its full hd full screen? i dont see the problem in full screen its work fine. idk why in regular view (not fulscreen) its smaller i have a ultrawide monitor and decresed resolution to 1920 1080 idk. sorry for that
  6. hi i discovered strange bug when i have a big mesh about 10 mil if im using pose tool it starts bloking other tools hotkeys if i create new layer with new mesh it works fine i recorded
  7. yes latest on mac autopick u mean at the top? disable it clicking on new instance and it still is being highlighting new and the original
  8. cerokyn

    [Solved] redefining standard hotkeys

    is there any way to get previous version? list of stable version releases?
  9. when i using instance tool after creating new instance in VoxTree highlighted both original and new instance can i disable it? just like it was before. can it only be highlighted only the last created? //edit Solved on version 4.8.22
  10. cerokyn

    [Solved] redefining standard hotkeys

    i found temporary solution by changing it to some other hotkey. but can i change it to zero hotkey? i guess in previsions version it was key_00? and now what
  11. cerokyn

    [Solved] redefining standard hotkeys

    @Carlosan can u please help thanks
  12. cerokyn

    [Solved] redefining standard hotkeys

    this is screenshoots i tried to change the hotkey and its repalcing it with key_00 and adding brand new copy of this hotkey in the end of the file with the "P" hotkey its strange because i worked for 2 years its was ok. it just the updated version. and backup file dont changed it as i said. it also get rewritten
  13. cerokyn

    [Solved] redefining standard hotkeys

    hey i recently reinstall mac os and 3dcoat too. i have installed new 3.8 (before it was 3.7 i dont remember exactly. i didnt updated for a half a year) and i wanna use this hotkeys from screenshot above and now it has conflict i guess. i tried changed them. i replaced this file from backup but 3d coat after closing updating this file and adding the hotkey which i changed and rewriting it every time i changing it so i tried change in application. manually and every time its overwrites it. and now i even notice it creates about 10 copies of the hotkey i changed in the end of the Options_Hotkeys.xml in the end it said the standard key
  14. cerokyn

    Sculpting Microsurfaces

    surface mode