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  1. cerokyn

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    yes latest on mac autopick u mean at the top? disable it clicking on new instance and it still is being highlighting new and the original
  2. cerokyn

    [Solved] redefining standard hotkeys

    is there any way to get previous version? list of stable version releases?
  3. cerokyn

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    when i using instance tool after creating new instance in VoxTree highlighted both original and new instance can i disable it? just like it was before. can it only be highlighted only the last created? //edit Solved on version 4.8.22
  4. cerokyn

    [Solved] redefining standard hotkeys

    i found temporary solution by changing it to some other hotkey. but can i change it to zero hotkey? i guess in previsions version it was key_00? and now what
  5. cerokyn

    [Solved] redefining standard hotkeys

    @Carlosan can u please help thanks
  6. cerokyn

    [Solved] redefining standard hotkeys

    this is screenshoots i tried to change the hotkey and its repalcing it with key_00 and adding brand new copy of this hotkey in the end of the file with the "P" hotkey its strange because i worked for 2 years its was ok. it just the updated version. and backup file dont changed it as i said. it also get rewritten
  7. cerokyn

    [Solved] redefining standard hotkeys

    hey i recently reinstall mac os and 3dcoat too. i have installed new 3.8 (before it was 3.7 i dont remember exactly. i didnt updated for a half a year) and i wanna use this hotkeys from screenshot above and now it has conflict i guess. i tried changed them. i replaced this file from backup but 3d coat after closing updating this file and adding the hotkey which i changed and rewriting it every time i changing it so i tried change in application. manually and every time its overwrites it. and now i even notice it creates about 10 copies of the hotkey i changed in the end of the Options_Hotkeys.xml in the end it said the standard key
  8. cerokyn

    Sculpting Microsurfaces

    surface mode
  9. cerokyn


    thanks man there is good channel of tutorials - https://www.youtube.com/user/AlienMinefield/videos and also Jama Jurabaev course
  10. cerokyn


    sorry didnt saw ur comment no i dont, just learning 3dcoat for myself and trying all tools
  11. cerokyn


  12. cerokyn

    repair meshes in surface sculpting mode

    the surface mode is more for detailing, crisp textures u should better sculpting in voxels
  13. cerokyn


    studying some organic sculpting in 3dcoat https://www.artstation.com/artwork/q3WoP
  14. cerokyn


    organic sculpting practice
  15. cerokyn

    toon shader