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    Emmissive isn't painting?

    Has anyone else seen this? Or have an idea what might be going on?
  2. Radiago

    Introduce yourself!

    Heyo! My name is Gavin, I'm a technical Artist at Soma Games. I really like the PBR pipeling and I'm excited with the potential for 3D Coat to really up our production quality and iteration time!
  3. Radiago

    Emmissive isn't painting?

    Hey all! I've been really liking 3D Coat so far, but I'm running into an issue with a model of a hanging lamp I'm making. I'm trying to get an emission map for it in unity so that the frosted glass glows but I can't get the layer to work. I've made a new layer, set it to "Highlight Emissive" and when I bake it out for unity the emission texture is just solid black. Even if I use "Use as Emissive" I get the same results. Does it have to do with using another layer as a mask? Or it being in a layer group? Some help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!