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  1. Ah, ok. Carlosan had me worried there for a second. Good to know v4 will continue to work regardless of upgrade :) I'm really hoping the increased revenue stream will allow the developers to refine the current toolset and increase their functionality/stability and just overall more stable and less buggy builds. btw, I did inquire in email to the sales address last week but haven't had a reply...So many thanks all for the clarification!
  2. I was asking more about what happens to 4.9 if we do upgrade to 2021. (i.e we can still use both?) Perhaps it was a silly question, as I could not see any reason why 4.9 would stop working after the upgrade...just double-checking. Regardless, with 20 patches in the last 3 weeks since launch; I'll just hold off on upgrading until all the kinks are ironed out... Thank you.
  3. Ah, the Pilgway site actually works. Thanks for that!
  4. Ok. Will the website be fixed anytime soon? So how do I access the stable release build?? I'd prefer to test on that over the beta build. Thank you.
  5. I've been encountering lots of these 404 errors while trying to download the 2021 demo to test (let alone, upgrading). Been so for the last couple days. First was 404 error with signing into my account and resetting password. After getting through that, clicking the download link on the main page goes to 404. Even trying to access my profile page after logging in goes directly to 404. What's going on with this release? Is this happening to all new users trying to access v2021?
  6. Yeah, I'll have to test the trial when I get the time to do so. --- Am I right to assume that if we do upgrade our existing license, we'll still be able to use our older versions as before? (I plan to keep using 4.9 for a fair bit for stability)
  7. If we overwrite a .3b file from v4 to 2021, are we still able to open and continue work on that file in v4? I'm still on the fence on whether to upgrade or not... Speaking of which: I couldn't find any explicit pricing on the store or licensing pages for users upgrading, (only that it varies) which is a bit strange. Could it be dependent on whether or not you bought the license on sale? ( I bought the pro license during their usual christmas sale) If any users wouldn't mind sharing what the cost for upgrading to 2021 is, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
  8. Since v.2021 seems to be an overhaul of the UI (which is great btw!), maybe we can finally get some nice simple, low performance cost lighting? Environment lighting is great and all, but why not keep it to the render room/tab? When working on assets I'm almost exclusively in 'relief mode' view or unlit. I think lots of us would appreciate simple editable lights while modeling/sculpting/retopo without the performance overhead of IBL. Zbrush and Mari implementations are great examples.
  9. Sorry I'm late to the update party, but I'm having similar issues with buggy UI since updating to 4.95.65 It seems to remember my floating panel positions (for some, but not others) but always has them closed when restarting app. The color palette for example I like to keep floating with the "quad" picker, but every time I restart 3dc I have to re-enable it in the menu and it always pops up in the default "bar" picker that I would then need to change back to "quad" every time. Previous version (4.8.15) would just auto save floating panel location/position/display/settings on exit and restart the same way as before without any problems.
  10. Greetings 3dc community! I've been using the software for about a year and love it for what it can do. But what would be the best platform to voice those kind of issues in the thread title? I know there is a sub-forum for feature requests, and also Mantis and Trello, but I saw some longstanding bugs and requests dating back years. Just curious if one platform is more visible to the developers than others Insights appreciated!
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