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  1. druh0o

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    For me - it works ok ( 4.9.12 BF4 )
  2. druh0o

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    4.9.12 - FIXED! Awesome! Thanks!
  3. druh0o

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    4.9.11 has the same bug.
  4. druh0o

    Beginner - Terribly Confused On Workflow

    But... but i'm trying! I'm trying to figure out what is the best way to use 3d-coat for non-PBR workflow. I wasn't aware that non-pbr workflow in the 4.x.x line is "close*, but not the same" as an old 3.x non-pbr workflow. I didn't know that at all! It is important for me too, because this is the thing i study right now.
  5. druh0o

    Beginner - Terribly Confused On Workflow

    And since you can't buy v3, there is no way to achieve old "true" non-pbr workflow, except 4.1.x (which was experimental and not so stable as v3)?
  6. druh0o

    Beginner - Terribly Confused On Workflow

    It's so confusing. But does v3 work with v4 serial key?
  7. druh0o

    Beginner - Terribly Confused On Workflow

    Wait a minute, 4.1 was non-PBR, isn't it? And I believe, until 4.5 or so.
  8. But the word "animation" was omitted in the topic title. Like "let's ignore that Maya is actually an animation app and it never was or perceived as the best of the best in modeling". Also, the topic title is barely legal
  9. druh0o

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    Probably I've found a bug. v4.9.05 DX and GL (also v4.8.38). Windows 7. Tested on two computers, so... 1) In Retopo room with the Strokes tool active (let's say after Autopo) 2) zoom in to your retopo mesh (this is important too! let's say with Shift+A or with Alt + <mouse> ) so the retopo mesh occupies a significant part of the viewport. 3) activate Transform and move your retopo mesh somehow 4) Ctr+Z - doesn't work (actually i noticed that 3d-coat kinda "counts" vertices of retopo mesh, so i started to hit Ctrl+Z many times - like ALOT, then suddenly it can undo Transform, but after A LOT of Ctrl+z) If the Strokes tool is not active, looks like there is no undo Transform bug. If you zoom out of the retopo mesh, so it's occupies a small part of viewport, looks like there is no undo Transform bug, even if the Strokes tool is active (or at least that bug is very rare, i don't know all of reasons of that bug). UPD: tried in v4.7.24 - it doesn't have this bug.
  10. Wait a minute! I didn't write that - about "i saw some showcase examples of other render engines ..." And writing that "Just because you see some showcase examples of other render engines being used" you're assuming that's all my experience with render engines in C4D? I also can reply: "What data are your using to reach that conclusion?" Ok. That's not correct. But that's ok. Let's see https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/amd-radeon-prorender-render-engine/1827994/239 https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/prorender-tips/1844147/27 So, there was a real hype before ProRender was actually released for C4D. And some amount in about a month after that. But as you can see there is a dead silence after. For almost 2 years. But probably i'm wrong. Probably they just so happy with ProRender and using it in complete silence all that time? Maybe! Ok. Of course not everyone! But on average, galleries are good indicators. Why not? https://www.artstation.com/search?q=Radeon ProRender&sort_by=relevance But what about C4D with ProRender? https://www.artstation.com/search?q=Cinema 4D ProRender&sort_by=relevance So, based on these results (and a couple of videos you posted before, one of them is showcase example) i have to admit that i was wrong saying "no one uses it" I have to say "someone uses it with C4D". Peace!
  11. druh0o

    Complex model with lots of bits

    It makes more sense to use hard surface polygon modeling tools for this type of project. For this, there is no reason to use sculting tools, except for the prototyping/concepting stage. So I would suggest you to model this with polygons in any 3d-editor. I'm afraid it might be a pain to model this in the retopo room directly.
  12. Yeah, i know that ProRender in C4D (since R19 i think) and all this time no one actually uses it.
  13. Why? I didn't see anyone using ProRender.
  14. druh0o

    [Bug] Incorrect brush behaviour

    Thanks! Good to know.
  15. druh0o

    [Bug] Incorrect brush behaviour

    I don't want to be too annoying, but is there any news on that?