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    [Solved] After UV Unwrap Nothing in UV Room

    Hmm...and now it seems to be working; I did a quick test: 1. Started new project (voxel sculpting) 2. Created a quick test sculpt 3. Ran 'Autopo for Per Pixel' from the right-click menu in the layer 4. Completed auto-retopo in Retopo room 5. Switched to UV room and now see my object with UVs Not sure why my other project wasn't working; I must have performed some operation that screwed things up. In any case, I was able to use the 'export/import to obj' workaround for that project, and things are working normally in this test project.... Thanks! Bryan
  2. bcgreen24

    [Solved] After UV Unwrap Nothing in UV Room

    ? I am painting the object in the paint room-- and although I can see my UV's in the retopo room, I don't see anything in the UV room. The only way I've made the UV room 'work' is to export my model out as an OBJ and then re-import it-- when I do this, I see the model in the retopo, uv, and paint rooms... Bryan
  3. bcgreen24

    [Solved] After UV Unwrap Nothing in UV Room

    The 'Clear Seams' command also doesn't seem to do anything; all my seams are still on the object after running it...
  4. Hi, all! After creating and unwrapping a UV map, I can see the UV preview in the Retopo room-- but when I switch to the UV room, there's nothing there...can someone help? Thanks! Bryan
  5. Hi, all! I was under the impression that you could bake 'render room' shaders onto an object so that the material can be exported as images along with the mesh. If this is possible-- how the heck is it done? I can't seem to figure it out... Thanks! Bryan
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    LOL, in the first draft it only had six legs...I had started randomly doodling and didn't leave room for the other two legs. Thanks for the kind words! Bryan
  7. bcgreen24


    First crack at an octopus-type creature...this is just a screenshot of a real-time render done from within 3DCoat using the AWESOME PBR materials.