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  1. Excellent and impressive work as usual.
  2. Thank you very much, stusutcliffe, your post is very helpful to me, and hopefully it will be also helpful to someone else in future, cause out there isn't many threads about budget GPU-s and their ability in 3d Coat - and that's the shame, because budget cards like GTX 1050 ti or GTX 1060 3GB are more powerful then premium cards from 2012. I've also like to thank to AbnRanger who was also more then helpful on this subject, and had recommended GTX 1070, but because of some budget limitations, I will probably go with GTX 1060 6GB model, and as soon as I have new card, I will share my experiences with rest of the community.
  3. Nice work I like both design and textures.
  4. Hi, stusutcliffe, have you bought GTX 1050ti? What are your experiences with that GPU, how many triangles can you push in Voxel sculpting before 3d Coat start to slow down?
  5. racerx11080

    Concept art for dark fantasy movie

    Concept art for dark fantasy movie "Behind blue eyes". Concept art is inspired by works of Guillermo del Toro and H. P. Lovecraft. SYNOPSIS: Behind Blue Eyes is a short dark fantasy film following a little girl named Gabrielle. Gabrielle wakes up in a barren and ghostly forest, unlike any forest on earth. Upon waking she finds herself being hunted by a faceless ghoul known as the Gaunt. Gabrielle runs away and seeks refuge in an abandoned greenhouse. There she meets a monstrous-looking man named Gisher. There she must convince this monster to help her escape this unforgiving land... First character design is for creature called Mud Monster - Creature has low IQ, and lives in strange symbiotic relationship with other creature Weeping Tree. Mud Monster is Tree's protector and guardian, and is connected with tree with "umbilical cord" from his back... Second creature is called Gisher, Gisher was once a human, but when Weeping Tree came to that land it brought evil in that land and that evils slowly started to poses and corrupt everything. But deep inside Gisher is still a human. Third creature is called Weeping Tree - creature that brought evil and destruction with its arrival. Everything was sculpted in 3d coat, then rendered in Keyshot with little bit work in Photoshop
  6. Hi, this is my first post to this forum, and if I am doing anything wrong, please let me know, and I will give my best to try to fix it. I would like to thank you guys firstly to be such a great community, although I didn't take part in your discussions, I've red many of your posts and they helped me a lot. Although I am still a 3d Coat newbie, I have some previous foundation in drawing and concept designing, so it didn't took me long to realize outstanding power of this software, and I've decided to incorporate, to be more precise to MIGRATE majority of my work to it. But unfortunately, my PC does'n handles 3D Coat the best, so I've decided to build a new one, since this one has more then 7 years. So, since I don't know anything (almost) about computer hardware I've started deep search on NET and among other forums on this one about my future build. But majority of reviews is for GAMERS, and I wont play games on this PC, it will be semi-professional work station for: 3d modeling (3d Coat, MAX, Skethup, zBrush), Unreal engine, Keyshot,... Photoshop. So, since I don't have enough money to buy best equipment, I would like to ask you for your advice: what is the best value for your money today for: CPU, GPU, motherboard, how much RAM? to be able to perform with ease concept designing and visualization. My choices were GTX- 970 - because I've read somewhere about cuda cores, but few days ago on this same forum I've read that they are not playing that important role at all, so I am totally confused now, and I don't know should I think about R9 390 also? For CPU I was thinking about I7 4790K, but then I've heard about RYZEN few months ago, and I am even more confused what to choose now for CPU then for GPU. So, please HELP ME, and give me some advice. Thank you in advace
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