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  1. It's weird to draw this way when I change the profile quickly [shortcuts] and I see different sizes of the profile, not one size like it should be [ logically ]; I use the Sphere tool like a multitool with basic shapes on the board, to build fast everything I want, 2d tool its better for more complicated shapes/ profiles /alphas and have too many options, not good for quick sketching of basic shapes; "draw from first point' it's like 'stroke placement mode' in Grease pen/Blender3d, I like this a lot its faster than 'on plane' mode in 3dCoat and have Target options, It's could be a nice addition to the 3dcoat 'draw from first point' mode in the Sphere tool IMO. ps. Sorry previously I didn't mean the sphere tool was the problem, the problem is in the cylinder tool/size in the Sphere tool.
  2. Sphere tool kind of bug, depth change the size of brush not the depth itself.
  3. is it possible to change the opacity of this red square? if not it should
  4. Feature request for speed sculpt] ..similar to the "R" shortcut on the selection tool, :
  5. There is some solution to not loose brush pressure in 3dcoat voxels 2dpaint brush, [others brushes too] work witch Wacom] [ Wacom drivers 6.4.5-5], for real... not only pressure; I need so often, to click out of the 3dcoat window, and go back to reset this bug, maybe 3dcoat should have some reset button that is easy to shortcut to reset these settings ;]
  6. Please split this axis into different shortcuts, because now is useless;
  7. Why for god sake, shortcuts is duplicated by default[ when I change it by backspace/end flow in software 2023.40]? this causes a ton of problems in the 3dcoat shortcut system. WH
  8. ok it works with shortcuts like F6 function keys but not with somtething like
  9. looks like not fixed, the shortcut is viewed but does not work at all
  10. what does this curve reflect? because it's probably not the shape of this alpha XD
  11. Pick and Past show up on surface mode.. not on voxel ..should because it's not on my vanilla clean new instal.. and second one I can't install my older brushpacks if ther above 100mb ..[instal as extension]
  12. Record AngelScript is nice, but nicer would be record to Python script right now ;p
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