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  1. 2023.29 win11 Vox layer symmetry according to Pligway XD ręce kurwa opadają and moving between freeze [ or better say mask XD ] and transpose doesn't work properly.
  2. No joke this is something with a shortcuts system in 3dcoat, I know how to add or delete shortcuts in this software ;] There should be a place [not text file like it is now XD ] to see all shortcut pins in this software for different rooms too, because now is fokin madness...
  3. This doesn't work on any 3D Coat to this day .. That S shortcut always back after I reopen the software :/ ...And yes I saved the shortcut file.
  4. 2022.50 double click don't cut/hide mesh :[ ..come on man this is basic..
  5. that I Want to turn off 'the recalculate process', ruin sketches in a small amount of poly.
  6. How I can turnoff voxelizeing [like move tool have] when I change between tools standard and clay engine??
  7. This is Holy Grail, should be a tutorial for this action in 3d coat YouTube side official !.. BIG Thank You for the quick rep!
  8. I wish I see that in 3D Coat Voxels Because 3DC RightNow Have Big Lag of Non-Destructive Workflow (Beside of Too Magical Node Structure;] And Layers) this is very powerful tool with simply rulez
  9. The scratches tool still doesn't work as it should be! maybe should be done a new tool real rake tool! ..important from clay perspective
  10. how to change [fk off] shortcut for this useless thing?! I need 'Shift Alt S' FREE!!
  11. 3dcoat 2021 -40 surface 'scratches tool' don't even scratch XD.. look like this tool work in 4.9.72 .. in 2021 tfu ...ctrl action don't work at all
  12. "- Fixed brush engine problem when brushes that should only indent (like Chiesel) was lifting the surface a little as well. So making accurate bevels with chiesel was almost impossible. Now it is corrected. I recommend "Restore defaults" for the Chiesel to get it close to 4.9." That's why I never use presets, only core tools ;] 'scratches tool 'need to lookup too, because don't work like in old 3dcoat its lift the surface too
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