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  1. The scratches tool still doesn't work as it should be! maybe should be done a new tool real rake tool! ..important from clay perspective
  2. how to change [fk off] shortcut for this useless thing?! I need 'Shift Alt S' FREE!!
  3. 3dcoat 2021 -40 surface 'scratches tool' don't even scratch XD.. look like this tool work in 4.9.72 .. in 2021 tfu ...ctrl action don't work at all
  4. "- Fixed brush engine problem when brushes that should only indent (like Chiesel) was lifting the surface a little as well. So making accurate bevels with chiesel was almost impossible. Now it is corrected. I recommend "Restore defaults" for the Chiesel to get it close to 4.9." That's why I never use presets, only core tools ;] 'scratches tool 'need to lookup too, because don't work like in old 3dcoat its lift the surface too
  5. I love how FAST updates are done ;] but maybe we need some auto-update for that 200 BMP 3dcoat heartbeat metrum? XD
  6. hmm it's about shortcuts at all; I think shortcuts should not be hardcoded; in Blender I don't have a problem changing any shortcut I want, even I have Editpie menu ;] to push workflow more pro ....in photoshop some shortcuts are hardcoded like layer blendings, but they are hidden at all
  7. 3dc 2021 -08 How to kill the f shortcuts???? I reset all preferences and still they pop up after I try to save new shortcuts !!!
  8. another bug XD .. steps to recreate open 3dcoat 2021.6; choose voxel sculpting and some ball ; choose voxelhide tool and hide with rectangle selection half of a ball; invert hidden ; and press object-ify hidden and voila! XD bug have above 3 years for sure
  9. I just try to love that software but its really hard XD and When I almost love 4.9.72 but there are 3dc2021 and pains back ...ctrl z [history] still have had an issue on a freeze selection on rectangle selection, stroke selection since 3 years above... after so many months of developing I open 3dc 2021 [relise software ] and in about 3 minutes I see many critical bugs [for me ;)] really annoying bugs
  10. I'm really tire of this sht , 4.9.72 is the last really stable version of 3dc right now .. and still .. WHY I CANNOT CHANGE SHORTCUTS FOR GOOD FOR THOSE OPTIONS? THEY ARE HARDCODED ?! I REOPEN 3DC2021 AND STILL HAVE THAT 'S' , BTW WHY DOES SOMEBODY USE 'S' FOR SYMMETRY, THEY NEVER WORK IN ANY INDUSTRY AT ALL and this is really bad I cannot import old prefs to the new 3dc without f pain in .. I see the same old 3dc with new bugs hehe great! new old saga continues and betatools... all that new 3dcoat 2021 is one big betatool XD , but maybe someday in faaaar future ..
  11. [sorry for offtopic again] I wish 3dcoat have annotated/grease pen [like blender 3d ;)] U can't imaging how huge an improvement is quick 2d sketch before you moved your vertex or voxel! even freaky simple just draw/erase tool is holy grail in any work pipeline
  12. is there any chance that the new 3d coat will be compatible with the Wacom art pen [strictly dynamic rotation]?
  13. scratch tool works a lot better in 3d 4.9 72! ...better blends steps, etc. How to mimic does settings in the new brush engine 3dC2k21?
  14. I can't change shortcuts to beta tools, 3dc don't remember the settings after reopen
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