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  1. scratch tool works a lot better in 3d 4.9 72! ...better blends steps, etc. How to mimic does settings in the new brush engine 3dC2k21?
  2. I can't change shortcuts to beta tools, 3dc don't remember the settings after reopen
  3. this is soo bad taste u can dig it XD poop style .. I think people judge this anyway ;] .. btw. I like work without icons for my [not] long time in 3dc [maybe because icons are changing faster than names in 3dc Ui and are more clearly defined for me .. really sorry for my ' abusive language' ; okay I think 'Plane Defined' mode, doesn't work well in 2d paint, is still project from camera view [or there are some new settings in it, somewhere ] btw. feel free to judge my taste I'm still learning and I definitely want more! ;] [deifintly ]
  4. seriously? Who designs those icons hehe U have flat-shade weird shapes on the top-right UI and soft gradation icons with eye-bleeding very non-smooth curve black outline on it.. where the glue? even sh*tty looking 3dmax have more visual glue on UI xD
  5. well, not for everyone. I don't use presets, too messy; alphas and tool options are more important
  6. the idea is good [maybe not for me ] but I just saying about UI overlook
  7. this looks so bad that I don't believe this is 2021 maybe 2001 too much waste of space and I can't resize this side bar.. but think the new 3dcoat is much faster than the old 4.9 even on my old pc !
  8. using primitive is referring to box of clay ;] slowly build a base mass of what U doing, very nice idea!, but too analog'ish XD in 3d world you could have rigged animals presets; some kind of dynamic presets maybe a commercial library ..no need to reinvent the wheel ;]
  9. ...two hotkeys files, one is save with few changes in 4.9.68 [ "ustawka" ] one is older ..older is work fine 44.hotkeys ustawka.hotkeys
  10. but a have this only now in 4.9.68 I reinstall 3x times and nothing helps
  11. BIG fukin Bug in 3dcoat 4.9.68 frequently shortcuts are reset to some default preset... this is nightmare U never should do that to anybody man btw. philnolan3d its false positive
  12. Better instancing is needed like in GP or SKP GP GP orginal GroupPro
  13. How to improve that workflow? Photoshop CC20 eps to 3DC 4.9.65
  14. but Yes this is only one stabile way to doo mask right now XD
  15. well, nice hack but I need a fast solution not hack's. btw. when ctrl-z (undo history ) stop ruining action in the move tool and see the same issue in the freeze tool?
  16. It's any chance to edit freeze/mask in external software [like photoshop]?
  17. 4.9.65 Move tool doesn't work well in radial symmetry mode with extra mirror on
  18. Why freez mask is so fkin black?!! is almost as annoying as voxel hide with no preview of hiding part at all,, this is like 'working in the dark'
  19. tcwik

    Blender Applink

    wow this is alive! but Blender deserves for official applink and we have 2.9 right now.
  20. 4.9.59 Cell/hide tool its 'fake hide' don't work with 'ignore back faces' mask/option
  21. Works fine [surface/voxel] but I work on gtx not rtx ... works almost fine because still have that lame line/shading when u cut thru..
  22. [4.9.58] Some bugs in the Extrude tool /stroke mode-all lasso tool's /symmetry mode [voxel mode]
  23. 4.9.57 .opacity preview doesn't work. in sculpt room
  24. Why I can't add a shortcut to the Clay tool? is automatically added to the Vox Clay.
  25. [49.55 ]Axial tool don't work in voxel mode //fixed