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  1. All solved thanks. Support told me there was nothing wrong with the serial number, however upon retrying it worked fine, so I reckon it was something on the server side.
  2. Hi there, no I did check the BitDefender firewall logs and it's telling me that 3dcoat.exe has been allowed access, so I don't think it's that. -A
  3. Hi there, I haven't used 3D-Coat for a while and have just installed it on my new laptop. I didn't uninstall it from my old PC, which I got formatted. I keep getting the following dialog: and pressing Register takes me to 3dcoat.com where it happily tells me: Thank you for the registration of 3D-Coat V4 However the dialog reappers when I restart 3D-Coat (4.8.42 Win64 DX). I wrote to sales@3dcoat.com yesterday but I am yet to receive a reply. Can anyone help please? Cheers, Andy
  4. I haven't been able to use the beta version for a while as it crashes with the following error if my 3D SpaceNavigator is plugged in: Screenshot of crash Edit: It's crashing even with it's unplugged. After re-entering the serial number it seems OK. Weird. Oh well.
  5. Yes "Show Voxels in the Paint room" was turned off. I think I've lost the .3b file from before painting; the backup file in Documents\3DCoat47\UserData (from memory) is also 4.8GB or so. I could probably attempt to start again and send you what I had before baking and without additional sculpting? I have about 14 layers.
  6. Hi there, I am getting a strange effect in paint mode where the materials applied to the layers is shimming with pixels, which looks like a rendering error. See this video (about 64MB). I am using 3D-Coat 4.7.29 under Windows 10 with 32GB Ram and a GTX1060 with 6GB Ram. Also the .3b file is 4.8GB in size after retopo and baking (I baked an 8K normal map)! This is strange as when I imported the base model, using the same voxel density, it was 18MB in size. There are only about 3.4 million polygons in the base vox layer and my sculpting didn't add very much. Any advice much appreciated.
  7. Hey blade33ru I took your courses last week and very much enjoyed them. I liked your casual approach to a complex subject and your enthusiasm for the product! I look forward to taking more. -A
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