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    [Feature] 3 step rectangle tool

    Hi my name is dimitri I am a concept artist at gearbox, and i will like to propose a feature that will make 3dcoat even more enjoyable. right now we have a rectangle an a free rectangle to do differente operation. But sometimes those tool don't allow you to be efficient in angular or rotated action. The feature that I will like to propose will be a 3 step rectangular tool that will be like: -1 click and drag to a line to define the length and the angle that you looking for -2 release (or use a modifier key) it to activate the thickness of the rectangle -3 re click or use modifier key to vary the roundness of the corner of the rectangle (filet action) (slot shape) this tool will able us to be more flexible and be more efficient, when it come to modeling hard surface or organic. the only way right to obtain the same result is to use the primitive rectangle tool, but doing so it will interrupt the flow and process, and will also not be compatible with tool such as Vox Hide,Slit, Sphere Etc. Thank you to looking into it if you see any interest in that feature and keep the good work!!! Have a nice day.
  2. dimitrineron

    Feature-simple animation option

    Will be great to have acces to a timeline so we can do simple animation( translation rotation scale), to test and prototype. will able concept artist to visualize the movement of their concept robotic arm space ship landing door opening etc
  3. dimitrineron

    scult video

    A lot of people say that zbrush is bedder at organic sculting than 3dcoat, but man 3d coat is powerfull all around, the cast shadow possibility help tou see the form better then a matcap material. hope you enjoy those video.
  4. dimitrineron

    [Bug] Shortcut problem (returns to previous tool selected)

    I have the same problem, sometime the problem fix itself, when i change the tool by the menu.
  5. dimitrineron

    concept art