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    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    @gbball - Hi, and thank you for your reply - So if it's not possible to adjust lighting (ruins sculpting) do I have revert to pre-PBR version or is it possible to load / create somehow material that reacts to light direction like it should. Now it's more like overhead lighting for me, not ideal / usable at all for sculpting. And I have to question, why would PBR (that is only surface shading model) disable use of directional lighting? Thank!
  2. blobby

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Hi there! 4.5.36 [beta] (DX64) Win 10 / NVIDIA 960 + Latest driver long time (months?) since I've tried new betas. Just installed it and tried different materials. Lighting doesn't seem to be adjustable, then again I haven't touched these new materials, but none of there seem to react to light direction. I do LMB + drag over upper right corner "light direction" icon, but only env map seems to rotate. Are all of there shaders matcap style, or have I missed something, or even worse - forgotten something...
  3. Hi, just noticed new Cubebrush video on his channel. He has made a pretty neat looking tutorial on creating realtime character, it includes typical workflow and related tools and one being 3DCoat... Link to cubebrush youtube video: https://youtu.be/jPrzOBDhlWc?list=WL&t=50
  4. Just came across this while watching Youtube... Gameloft is putting out quite good looking F2P fantasy game and in this promo video they show "behind the scenes" making of stuff, many common tools of trade - and also 3 DCoat at 2:05, only a few frames but it's there:
  5. IGN has posted a video on Youtube called "The Art of WildStar: Characters". At position 2:47 they show and tell about character pipeline, and when they are showing texturing process you can see that there is 3Dcoat stuff there. It's only a few frames but anyway nice to see 3DCoat there. Link:
  6. Hey, neat looking stuff! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Hi there. Testing 4.1.06 - Having similar issues as Beat; 1. When I open 3DCoat everything looks OK 2. File / New 3. Start screen panel appears, I pick a voxel scene with cube *Problems start* - Tools bar is in the center of screen - When I try to move tools bar to left edge and while holding mouse button down and dragging, I start to see new primitve icons fill the viewport, overlapping each other - When I release the mouse and tools bar is sized correctly on the left edge of screen icons vanish - Shaders panel which is docked to right edge of viewport on my layout, start to automaticly scale, growing slowly wider and wider slowly (didn't wait what happens) - New Primitives UI is visible but icons are floating as transparent icons their centers aligned to the top edge of the viewport [EDIT] I know very little about 3DCoat settings, but I tried Edit / Preferences -> "Restore Windows" and "To Default Settings", then restarted 3DCoat but it didn't help This seems to happen every time I start 4.1.06. System: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit, lots of RAM, GeForce GTX 470
  8. Hi there. I was reading cg related news and came across this Creative Bloq article. http://www.creativebloq.com/3d/how-beyond-two-souls-photoreal-3d-characters-were-created-31411058 It mentions how 3D-Coat (among some other tools) was used in making of PS3 game called "Beyond: Two Souls". Seems like they used 3D-Coat for texture projection.
  9. Testing 4.0.05H - Thanks for the update! I haven't had actually time to touch v4 yet nearly at all, but today after installing 4.0.05H had time to doodle a bit. First impressions: + Artman presets are welcome addition. - However, after little while of brushing with Surface mode & LiveClay tools (while going through the list of brushes from top to bottom), it feels like there should be overall add and reduce sliders which would be available all the time, and they would control all the brushes; Whenever I would use a tool which will add detail, it would be controlled by this value/slider - Same would be true for reduction operations. Now tools have default "Detail" values like 0.4, 1.2, 3.0. (not sure if using presets changes these). EDIT: In general, what I'm after is global control for uniform level of reduction and addition of detail to mesh, now I constantly tap "W" to see wires, to see how much detail brush "added". Also, each brush could have it's own slider values and additional "override" checkbox to override global values.
  10. Hi there, Just for out of curiosity, seems like Mudbox if finally getting automatic topology tools. Curves as guides to create new surface topology...
  11. Came across Blender Cookie site, informative new Blender 2.66 feature videos. There is an informative video about dynamic topology. Featured symmetry implementation looks interesting and well thought out too. CGCookie videos
  12. Hi there, I came across informative article which is about comparing Mudbox vs ZBrush brush settings by Neil Blevins. It focuses mostly on sculpting brushes. Not strictly 3D Coat related but might be good reading in general related to improving 3D Coat brushes. Link: Common Zbrush Sculpting Brushes In Mudbox by Neil Blevins
  13. Hi there again. Tested newest beta 8A and B. Posing + masking seems to be still not working as it should. Tested with default human "Male" character (single object one). 64bit DX version 4beta 8B 1. Activate pose tool 2. Set selection mode to "Paint with drawn contour". Ignore backfaces off 3. Symmetry on 4. Volume or surface mode on 5. Mask part of characters arm (left arm) then add to selection with 2-3 selections 6. Move pose gizmo to shoulder area and pose Only tiny part of right arm is moved (if symmetry is on) while other parts of selection stay still. If symmetry is off then only part of selected area is moved by pose. It doesn't seem to be just second or third area of mesh which I add to selection, but something similar.
  14. 4.00 Beta 8 (CUDA)(GL64) seems to have same problem as previous betas - Select materials in Voxels room with flat shading, activate shadow - mesh will continue rendering as "cut out" look with last frame stuck as "see through" image in mesh faces area. Materials: LambLight_Depth, PicMat_Clay_Depth + shadows. DX version seems to behave OK.
  15. More notes on posing: Pose gizmo also resets to default orientation when selecting more Question: Is it possible to prevent annoying popping of gizmo aroung selection volume when selecting more or less from current selection? How to reproduce: Select arm, move gizmo on place, add or remove from arm selection to fine tune it - gizmo moves. Sometimes this might be desirable but more than often not.