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    [Solved] Unwrap not matching preview

    Both of your suggestions worked! I went back and fixed the mesh and that got the normal workflow to respond as expected. Thank you everyone for the help!
  2. thewhiteleaf

    [Solved] Unwrap not matching preview

    I've clicked Unwrap and I've clicked Apply UV-set and neither makes any change to the UV Preview appearance. I've attached the file so you can see what I'm talking about. I appreciate all your help. face_unwrap_Upload.3b
  3. thewhiteleaf

    [Solved] Unwrap not matching preview

    The seams are there but might be difficult to see. I've reposted the image and circled the seams.
  4. Quick question that I hope can be answered easily. After I've marked my seams my islands don't match the preview i'm getting when I mouse over them. I'd really like to unwrap my islands so they look like my previews. Any idea what I'm doing wrong or what I'm misunderstanding? I've attached a marked up screenshot of what i'm referring to. Cheers!
  5. thewhiteleaf

    C4D to 3D Coat Subdivision Surface Painting

    thank you very much!
  6. New to 3D Coat. Came for the unwrapping but would love to paint in the program. My work flow typically involves a low poly mesh under a Subdivision Surface. Obviously the look of your model can change drastically under subdivision and this will affect the way you paint. Is there a way to keep my mesh low poly but view it with smooth subdivisions while i'm painting? Thank you! -----Tristan