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  1. Combatkat

    organic sculpting of clothes and hair

    Carlosan, thank you so much for your help I have only seen 3 of these videos before the rest are new to me. I am slowly starting to understand the process of sculpting with voxels. I just keep rewatching and trying some of the techniques used, its just I forget I must crawl before I can walk. Thanks again for this help.
  2. I have been combing the internet for vids and tuts on sculpting clothing (particuliarly medieval) and mostly get speed sculpting which doesnt really help. there are a couple but not enough to learn is there somewhere I can turn. Also I was wondering if the cloth tool could be used to make hair cards. Most of the videos on this matter seem to suggest using another 3d app but I can't believe as powerful as 3d Coat is that no one has come up with a way to make realistic hair in this program. One other problem is understanding workflow. I noticed that there are many ways to work but sometimes giving so many choices is confusing. Are there books on 3d Coat or courses that use 3d Coat, especially online since I live in a rural area.
  3. Combatkat

    Braided Hair

    very nicely done like how you did your braid been trying to figure out a dwarf braid for a beard were you able to taper it like in that girls video.
  4. Combatkat

    simple primitives

    I am extremely new to 3dCoat and 3d art in general. I am learning as fast as I can and have watched a ton of videos but what I have come to realize is that until you put your hands on 3dCoat, you will never really truly get good at it. So to this end I am starting with primitives, if anyone has a specific primitive they would like made please let me know. I plan on making a ton of these but this is just a start. I am starting with model bases then I want to do gemstone shapes. I will take any suggestions or comments. This is a great forum and you all have been very helpful. thank you and enjoy these primitives can be used with no restrictions. ps. This is my first upload I don't know how to show pics like the pros but if someone will point me in the right direction I will gladly start adding them. Hexagon insert.obj Hexagon.obj
  5. Combatkat


    I have several simple primatives I would like to share with everyone. I noticed this forum doesn't have a downloads section to share work with others. The gallery only lets people see your work. Is there a section for this purpose.
  6. Combatkat

    Gizmo Question

    I have noticed that when I choose a free form object when I start a project and then choose Transform, (in the adjust panel), (aka Gizmo), my free form object disappears. What happens to it. I have tried to undo but since I performed no action except selecting a tool, nothing happens. I then have to restart all over again.
  7. Combatkat

    how to make a pyramid with primitive

    Omg, that is/was so simple. Thank you.
  8. I am just wondering how to make a pyramid with a primitive without using cutoff. I want it to be precise. thank you in advance
  9. Combatkat

    Vivi - Clay Render

    very nice work do you do tutorials would love to learn your techniques. There is so much to learn.
  10. Combatkat

    Pose tool Foot

    thanks to both of you I will watch the video and proceed from there. Sincerely James
  11. Combatkat

    Pose tool Foot

    I have been wracking my brain around the pose tool and can't seem to understand it. I have used line, cage, sphere and cant seem to get the result I want. I am trying to angle the foot down to create a heeled shoe. can anyone help me thank you.
  12. I am watching videos on 3d Coat. there are many of them but I haven't found one on this subject. I want to make clothing for models but not sure where to start I have seen some videos that use retopo first then I see others that use sculpting but I dont know which one. There are some really interesting speedsculpting videos but not helpful in telling me how they do it. Regardless I would like to know the difference between the 2 sculpting modes thanks.
  13. Combatkat

    reposing any model

    Thank you forgot all about the pose tool watching some vids on it now.
  14. Combatkat

    reposing any model

    I am trying to make a variety of heeled shoes for characters but in order to do so don't you have to pose the character accordingly. I am having trouble with this.