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  1. It looks fantastic and scary at the same time. Keep the tread going I will love to see more.
  2. @Noxoreos Thank you. @digman I find very useful tutorial that are overkill on explaining details. Especially for people like me, english is my 3rd language and I dont use it everyday. That said reading tutorial dosent make it for me I love those details and hate speed up videos. I find the art that is created cant be appreciated. Remembering that everything that comes out of 3D Coat is a piece of art and unique at that. So please by all means overkill videos are what makes the next generation of artist. Thank you digman for taking the time to take me by the hand and show me around. Noobs like me need more people like you! Just to mention I found this video very detail and and super easy to fallow and has gotten me on a good start on 3D Coat.
  3. Wargirl

    Saxon Ring

    omg that RING is sooooooooo beautiful!
  4. Hi guys and girls. Im new to 3D Coat I come from Blender and Starcraft editor. I will love to jump in to 3D Coat but so far I find my self a little lost and frustrated with the program when it comes to make model. I can Paint my models beautiful but making models is hard for me. I have look at the youtube vids and I have gotten so far but still If there a good person that can help me out with the program. I so far have the trial but I will love to buy the full version. If you can HELP......I will promise I will be soo grateful.
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