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  1. I upgraded to .63 and the options were back again (they were missing in .62 for some reason). Thanks
  2. Did External 2D Editor options in Paint Room disappear? In previous versions if you were in paint room and went to Edit in the menu bar there were several 2D External Editor Options to export the current layers + model wireframe to an external 2D Editor (would open file automatically in your paint program). In preferences in/out options the 2D External Editor option is still present though: Options looked like this:
  3. Yeah it is imported PNG image to the Brush Alpha Palette. I had used Alpha Brushes and stamping them with decal option since v48 and v49 of 3D Coat just fine and worked good up until 2021 version they became jagged and lower resolution.
  4. This issue is still persisting in 2021.61, if you you apply a decal with stamp drag brush option it is more pixelated and lower quality and the default brush option: Left: Stamp Drag mode, Right: Default click once brush
  5. Running into another brush issue. Before placing a decal the size is how I want it to be: However after clicking its enlarged and cutting off the edges as well:
  6. When attempting to apply a decal with a brush it does not appear pixelated, however if I try to use the brush stamp option it is badly pixelated. Happens for me in 2021.38
  7. Happy to confirm in 2021-14 when windows are resized and the program is closed/reopened it now retains the size it was on a multi-monitor setup. Also ability to import multiple objects into a single scene now works as expected as well, thanks.
  8. The issue is attempting to import an additional obj or fbx into the same scene, it won't let you. It wants you to close currently open scene and start a new one for the next imported model. In v4.9 I'd be able to import multiple objects in the same scene later.
  9. 2021.05 seems to be missing the same import object option V49 had as well. When I go to File > Import Model for Per Pixel Painting in 2021.05 it asks if I want to save scene before it opens a new one instead of allowing me to import multiple objects into an already existing scene. The only way I am to import multiple objects at once is if I choose all the models at once but it seems I cannot choose the import option later to add any additional models to the scene afterwards.
  10. I seem to have an issue with 2021.05 that I never had with old V49 When I expand 3D Coat 2021.05 so it fits two of my monitors if I reopen the program it doesn't remember the size I re-scaled it to. This is rather annoying having to re-scale all the contents each time I relaunch the program. Saving/Load a theme doesn't help retain the window scale. Also is there no direct X option anymore, its just 3DCoatGL64.exe?
  11. Awesome, glad to see 2021 here. Sounds like a few bugs already found so will wait for the next patch before I try and jump in myself.
  12. For me the normal map corruption occurred when I was painting with a strip on the side of my mesh on a different layer. I think the eraser bit I had done to layer 0 was after the corruption occurred. Thanks to the advice of Silas Merlin I repaired my layer by exporting all the texture maps for that layer then re-importing and being able to finally erase the weird normal map issues afterwards. It still is quite a lot of work to fix the corruption I feel shouldn't ever get that bad though. Hopefully the new 3D Coat 2021 version doesn't have this issue or if it does it gets fixed as a priority concern.
  13. Thanks that is indeed a workaround solution. Since its not the same corrupted layer I can finally erase that junk and repair that small section. In the future if layer 0 being partially erased was the culprit I'll just make sure the layer is locked from now on. I usually save often and in-between big changes but didn't think being able to not erase normal map data would ever be possible but now I know 3d coat can break that way so to look out for it and not save the file if I see that occur again. Carlosan also being able to get a strip to be corrupted until unwrapping the model is worrying too. You could be 90% done through a perfectly fine model and if the only solution is to start over/re-unwrap that doesn't sound good.
  14. That is odd the file I sent doesn't have the corrupted layer. For testing purposes I did reapply unwrap and it seems to remove all my normal map data from every layer (color and gloss retains though). The corruption unfortunately still retains as well on that corrupted layer for my real scene. The test file I sent however the issue does 'fix' itself after I saved and reopened the file when repainting the layer 0 to be fully filled again with the grey color. However trying to replicate the same thing in my real scene the corruption retains itself. Also for exporting layers from my real scene, the normal map corruption is applied to the file itself as well, I upgraded to 4.9.68. I think I'm just going to cut my losses and accept that small section will have a weird spot on it, its very small and thankfully for what I'm using the model for it would be hard to see, just annoying to have a layer seem to be permanently damaged. I've never seen an error like this occur before and hopefully never see it again.
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