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  1. Hi, we are finally online with our new site containing ultra high resolution 3D scans mainly of organic objects. The meshes are cleaned and organized, a good ressource for 3D Printing or sculpting. You can check out some free examples. Have Fun! http://www.voxilion.com
  2. Hi, since the .25 Update I miss the Split Tool in the Voxel-Room. Can someone confirm, how can I activate it again?
  3. Hi, thanks for helping with the scale issue. Yes size and scales aren't standarda between the apps. So I have to learn about the export/imports between the programs. But we should have an absolute size tool where we can at least get the size or dimensions in 3d coat.
  4. Hi, no this won't really help, becaus with the measure tool in 3d coat, I have a 160mm length object. aynway, an absolut size button would also help to rescale an object directly. Greest Tom
  5. Hi, there is an export bug for lwo. I have an object with length of 160mm, if I export it to .lwo it is 160m. Could you please fix it or is this somewhere adjustable in the configs? Thanks Tom
  6. There is a bug again if you import using voxeling, the imported object doesn't have the pivot in the center. We had this again before 4.5 release.
  7. Version: 4.5.03 Export any object format using the Gloss/Color Specular Worklfow, the color image is just black. Can someone replicate this? Greets Tom
  8. Hi, great updates, great features, great app! I just found that the light in the render-room doesn't have color as long there is no realtime rendering on. With realtime, additional lights have color. Greets Tom
  9. Hi, there is also weird import behavior by import mesh for voxelisation. Orientation and scaling is completely out of center and the voxel count is also very different i.e. from working import on V12A. Can someone confirm? Thanks Tom
  10. Bug with lights: Lights won't show color in not real time preview. If there is environmental lightning active, additional lights haven't any effect. There is also no difference, if you unhook use panorama as environment, I can't see any difference. I think in the OpenGL Cuda Version it's working better than in the DX Version. Can someone check? Greets Tom
  11. Hi, 3dc Beta 14, Windows 64. Rendering with saveAlpha on doesn't save out alpha, and there are many ghostframes.
  12. Yes, this would be great to have a function to prepare for proper output. 3D-Coat is ideal for 3D Printing! additional would be useful: - set wall thickness (mm/cm/) - make watertight
  13. tomtm

    How to select overlapping UV's

    Hi Digman, thanks for posting! I imported it from with keep uv's (atlas map made in Modo) and imported it as paint per pixel. The problem is the polycount. It's about 1,5 Mio Polys, so many operations mare slow. It's the master model, so I would like to keep most of the details stored in the polymesh because of 3d Printing later on. So I would like to bake over this model from a lower poly model. But this overlapping UV's are hard to select and move. I hoped there is a command where 3d coat lets me select them. Thanks Tom
  14. Hi, I have a high poly model with atlas uv map. The problem is, that some UV's are overlapping. Is there a way to select overlapped uv's? There are several hundrets and there is no chance to do it by hand. Any advice is very appriciated Greets Tom
  15. Hi, how can I set dimensions manually in 3d-Coat. Example, I d'like to scale my object to 2m x 3m x 4m? I just found the measurements display, but nowhere an input to do this... Did I miss something?