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    [Solved] Stencil folder

    Hey, No I didn't, and this is exactly what I was searching for. Thanks a lot !
  2. Clement Tingry

    [Solved] Stencil folder

    Hello everybody. I have a question that I think may have already been resolved, but after some research here and there I didn't found it. So I want to import a few stencils in a new folder in my Ui to use them. I know I can add manually every stencils, but it take some time to do it for every stencil. But is there a way to directly create a folder and drag it somewhere in the 3D-coat library? I have already found how to create a folder of OBJ objets and drag it to the " voxstamps" ---> "object" path and it works. So if there is way to do the same trick to import stencils I would be glad to know it. Cheers everybody, have a nice day !
  3. Clement Tingry

    [Solved] -- POSE TOOL PROBLEM --

    Oh yeah , by the way thanks for being so fast to answer. I also noticed that in the last update , we can now select multiple layers at the same time which is really cool , I think I use to up a post asking for that some times ago. It's now done and it's supercool ! Thank everyone !
  4. Hello everyone , I'm not very active on the forum but I've been using 3D_coat everyday for 3 years an a half now. I use it for concept art. I frequently use the pose tool when modeling and it's very efficient. But I don't know why for some reason the " paint select " option of the pose tool just does'nt work for a good while know. ( like 1 month ) The line option still works but sometimes it stops working and after a restart it's ok again. But the " paint select " does'nt work at all. I simply select it, play with the brushes setings like depth limit or ignore back faces, no matter what, when I select an area no selection appears and it's impossible to repose my objects. It has been a very usefull tool and I hope someone can help me. I have the lastest update , my version is 4.8.10, Europe version. Thanks in adavance
  5. Clement Tingry

    [Solved] -- POSE TOOL PROBLEM --

    And .... that was it ! I was stuck fro like a month with a no working "paint select" tool ... Now at least I'm on the lastest version ! Thank you so much !
  6. Clement Tingry

    [Solved] -- POSE TOOL PROBLEM --

    Ok, the .16 version is installed and I still have the same problem. I reseted all the preferences and hotkeys ... Still nothing happens when I select an area to repose. If someone has a solution . My settings on the tool are the following. Maybe I'm just missing something obvious but I can't find any solution. Thanks in advance.
  7. Clement Tingry

    [Solved] -- POSE TOOL PROBLEM --

    Yeah you are right I tought I downloaded it recently but you are right the .16 is available , I'm downloading it and I will see if it resolve the problem. Thanks /
  8. Clement Tingry

    Select Multiple Items in Voxtree and Group?

    I had a +1 to this , it will be so much time saving for a lot of tasks. Thank you.
  9. Clement Tingry

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello everybody, I'm new here and I am a new user of 3D coat since about one year now. This software is kickass and really intuitive it is what I was searching for. Hope I will discuss with new people and share ideas here. Thanks to the team for the feature on your gallery page !