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  1. I found a way, not sure if it's best practice... I can turn off the eyeball on the Object Layer...then go and FILL Entire LAYER and it will just fill that visible object. A decent work around...again not sure if it's the best.
  2. Using Demo to understand the 3DC engine! Just got the correct exports for Octane out of 3DC, use the Arnold export not the Octane Preset. As I import an object to paint on I tried a CHAIR. It has two surfaces...metal legs and fabric top. I see both in the Surface Materials TAB. But using the layers for doing the actual painting I don't see a way to reference them. So I paint as close to each surface as I can, treating it as all one LAYER. This can't be the best way.... What am I missing?
  3. It looks like the Octane export does not work as expected...but the Arnold has the correct maps for Octane to render same results inside Octane as seen in 3DC PBR engine. Getting happier.... I would suggest the Octane export be revised to be... Diffuse from DiffuseSpecular from Specular Color (no GGX)Roughness from RoughnessNormal from Tangent Space Normalmap From my initial testing....
  4. Ah it does work. I was not getting the dialog to come up with the presets export. I will now do some testing to see if I can get correct maps for Octane as I expect! Thanks for letting me know it "should" work, made me dig in some more....
  5. Thank you. Like I said maybe it's me
  6. Wow ask and ye shall receive! Great list...I'll be watching these...trying to get started myself. Thanks!
  7. ok, maybe it's just me, am I doing something wrong...or are you not hearing me, that I'm on the DEMO. I downloaded the BETA above....of course I don't have a license so it goes to DEMO mode. The only option I get when I export a model is a YELLOW Export Object and Textures. There is no further dialog that gives me PRESETS for Octane or any other TEXTURE export. I've seen this dialog in many Videos I've tried to gather information from. Hopefully I'm doing something wrong....surly you didn't over look the fact that I'm on the demo and THAT SPECIFIC feature id DISABLED. (That is what this entire thread is about...the limiting factors of the demo for testing workflows) Hopefully it's just me not knowing what I'm doing
  8. Well it's not so much trial time, I just got it the other day. It's more the abilities or lack there of (the limitations) There are no exports which I understand why...but without them you have nothing to check workflows etc with. The capabilities of 3DC by itself seem very good and solid. But for it to seamlessly interchange with another app is not able to be tested with a trial in it's current state. So I'm left with my question to other users if 3DC can interchange without work arounds with Octane in 4.7.
  9. Trying to evaluate the 3DC situation as it relates to Octane Render Engine and it's workflow. Can't use the DEMO for this process as there are no exports allowed, even with watermarks etc. Pretty limiting for evaluating workflow situations like this. I see a video where 3DC was exported to Poser and used Octane but the work arounds even in 4.7 don't look like what they should in Octane. Could have been that user, no way to test myself. Anyone else using 3DC Painting to then be used in Octane Render successfully and accurately?
  10. Yes that does help, it points out there are issues with the workflow! I see there is an Octane workflow on the export but several things have to be changed/adjusted. Any chance 3DC will update those presets to be actually compatible with Octane and the workflow that is used in their render engine? Sure wish the DEMO allowed export for full testing of these things. Even if Geometry was partial..and textures had logo marks or something. Thanks for the info, it did help, just not the answer I was hoping for.
  11. Downloaded the demo and am playing around. Tried the UV unwrapping and did a bit of painting. Looks good so far. Wanted to export so I could bring into Lightwave and Octane. But am not able to export from demo. So my question is, anyone useing Octane in Lightwave and do the textures that are generated from 3DC compatible? Can anyone send me a small model (box) and textures that has been painted with some metal like surfacing so I can bring that into Octane+LW to see if that workflow is good? Thanks!
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