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    Can someone explain layer locking in the paint room?

    I Understand the description, just not the workflow. I assume if I am painting in LOW resolution I want to keep the layer unlocked? Otherwise when I switch to a high resolution version it won't be upsampled? Although the description is saying it SHOULD be locked.
  2. I am very interested in using the texture resolution feature to paint in a lower resolution for performance. However whilst going back and forth between resolutions I would like to preserve my stoke's quality. I assume you use layer locking for this but I don't quite understand the workflow, for example when would you lock/unlock a layer?
  3. tekgecko

    Painting in External Editor 2 way?

    Awesome this worked thank you!
  4. True, but even in a less conspicuous place that is a LOT of distortion. I found I had the depth channel on one of the smart materials set to 100% but with no detail. Disabling this seems to have fixed the issue.
  5. tekgecko

    Painting in External Editor 2 way?

    I am using Affinity Photo to edit some textures in the paint room using CTRL+P Is there a way to get these edits back into 3D Coat and apply the changes to the model? I don't really want to have to save out the images from Affinity and then re-import as this loses the layer stack. Any ideas?
  6. Hi All, Trying to paint using some smart materials I made at 2k for performance sake, then export at 4k. When doing the upscale however I am getting very strange artifacts along the UV seams I am then unable to get rid of: https://imgur.com/a/bOG7wQI Does anyone know why this may be?
  7. tekgecko

    [Solved] Baking an SSS Thickness Map ?

    Thanks a bunch!
  8. I know this can be baked in substance to let a SSS shader know the thickness of a model. Is there a way to bake this in 3D Coat?
  9. tekgecko

    Several Versions Installed?

    Great thanks
  10. tekgecko

    Several Versions Installed?

    It seems like I have several versions of 3D Coat installed on my machine somehow. I assume that it did not remove the old version when doing an upgrade. Can I remove these old versions? Screenshot attached. Thanks!
  11. tekgecko

    [Solved] Converting Texture to Microvertex

    Yes I did. As you can see this problem was already solved though, thanks!
  12. tekgecko

    [Solved] Converting Texture to Microvertex

    Perfect thanks so much!
  13. tekgecko

    [Solved] Converting Texture to Microvertex

    Thanks but I don't think this covers my question. I have a UV mapped mesh which I have painted. I now want to send this mesh to the sculpt room and KEEPING the colour information I have painted onto the UVs by converting it into microvertex colour. I have read the thread and watched the video but I am struggling to get it.
  14. tekgecko

    [Solved] Converting Texture to Microvertex

    Thanks for your reply, though I want to take my Per Pixel paint data which is on a UV and convert this into micro-vertex paint. Is this possible?
  15. In Zbrush, there is an option to take a texture and convert it to polypaint (or micro vertex) Is there a way to do this in 3D Coat?