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  1. Roy

    3D Print quality ?

    setz. That is it. Thank you very much for the advice. Works great.
  2. Roy

    3D Print quality ?

    printer will print .025. problem is i cant save .025 in 3d coat. it locks up the software. it locks up the software at .05. i7 with windows 10.
  3. Roy

    3D Print quality ?

    Lets try this. is this the best quality 3D Print i can expect from this software? I cant buy if i cant get information,
  4. Roy

    3D Print quality ?

    Installed 3D COAT two days ago. Drew this up in solidworks. Saved to STL. Opened in Voxel Sculpting. Did some work. Now how can I save it for best possible 3D Print. Printing with a Formlabs Form 2 SLA printer. If I can get printable quality I'll be sold.