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  1. I would love to know that as well! Only thing I have managed to do is the following workflow... 1. Export PBR maps from 3D Coat and import them to Blender. 2. Then, in Blender, using a custom PBR shader, you can bake the "Combined" pass which bakes all the lighting information into single diffuse texture. It works quite well, because in Blender, you can create a scene with spot lights or use your own HDRI. But it's so time consuming workflow. I wish 3D Coat could bake such "Combined" pass itself when it has so many baking options.
  2. When I click on Rotate in Tweak Room and trying to type any value, the numbers just change the camera view (like from front, side, top, etc), but doesn't influence the rotation angle of the selected object. Only thing I can do is to drag the rotation "thingy" by mouse and drag it manually, but that's useless, because I have no control on the exact rotation angle and it even doesn't display any value The same problems appears with the Move tool, again I can't move the object exactly (like 1.0m in X axis).
  3. Hello, I just found the 3D Coat and I'm very excited about its painting/baking capabilities, but I'm still struggling a lot with some very basic tasks like manipulating imported objects. I have created a house in Blender and imported it to 3D Coat (it contains multiple objects, walls, floor, doors, etc). Now I need to select all objects and rotate them, lets say 90deg around Y axis. In Blender I can just select all and type R Y 90 ENTER and I'm done. How can I do something like this in 3D Coat? I have found there is some Select/Transform tool in Tweak Room, but i can't use it precisely, so... 1) How can I select multiple objects for transform tool? 2) How can I rotate the selected objects by given exact angle (eg. 45deg, 90deg, etc)? PS: I know I could have exported the objects already rotated from Blender, but I want to learn how to use 3D Coat properly and there might be other reasons to rotate objects precisely :-) Thank you in advance