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  1. Noup. Same problem with Yoda. Is it possible that the problem is in the baking process? Something I overlooked. Any of you have a similar problem?
  2. Thank you Carlosan. Ill try.
  3. Weird artefacts in all modes. Even in render? Any solution? M back in 3dcoat 4.9.05. 4.9.17 is pretty unstable for me .
  4. To understand 3dcoat Cloth. Maybe.
  5. No. Only paint model. Vox Tree is hiden. I tried changing the material. Same. In 3dcoat version 4.9.05 its ok. This is from 4.9.17
  6. Until recently everything was fine. First picture is a screenshot from the Paint room and the second one from the Render room. I don't know why it shows me the material as not smooth. Thank you.
  7. The style is reminiscent of Simon Bisley. Nice one.
  8. WiP Base mesh done in Lightwave:
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