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  1. JoPPa

    micro26 sketchbook

    The style is reminiscent of Simon Bisley. Nice one.
  2. JoPPa

    JoPPa / Voxel doodles

    learning curve:
  3. JoPPa

    JoPPa / Voxel doodles

    WiP Base mesh done in Lightwave:
  4. JoPPa

    JoPPa / Voxel doodles

    Thank you. For now I am just playing with sculpting, and I really like 3d coat render.
  5. JoPPa

    The Infinite Coat

    Unique style. Really nice work.
  6. JoPPa

    Nitrogen gun 3d model

    Amazing work!
  7. JoPPa

    JoPPa / Voxel doodles

    So I read, and I'm more interested in connection with Modeler. Thank you.
  8. JoPPa

    JoPPa / Voxel doodles

    Thank you Phil. I also use Lightwave. Have you tried AppLink for LW?
  9. Hi, I am a new 3D coat user. Learning, and now I'm just playing with voxel sculpting. These are some doodles from sphere. Do you have any idea how to make a hyper realistic eyes in 3d coat?