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  1. @Wargirl I'd recommend you this video series on youtube: I find he gives a least a good overview of the basic functionalities (across 23 videos) and the they aren't too long. Once you're through with this video series you should have at least a basic idea of the core functionality. However you still need to try all that stuff yourself, because only watching someone explain the features doesn't mean you get familiar with them. Since it's a lot to explain, it still takes at least a few hours to get through the videos (in terms of total video length). There are also some videos on the 3D Coat channel that go deeper into the specific details of all the features. I find it a bit hard to follow though, when every little thing is explained, but it's still a good resource to learn with/from.
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Waldemar, initially I'm from Kazakhstan, but live in Germany. I'm fairly new to sculpting, although I have fiddled around with other software like 3dsmax, maya and mudbox before (the student versions). I kinda hated how Mudbox was feeling in terms of creating a model from ground up. And when I first tried out 3D Coat I was really impressed by how intuitive voxel sculpting feels and, since I have a 3D mouse (not from 3dconnexion, but the Space Controller from www.spacecontrol.us), I wanted to be able to use that as well and with that 3D Coat is even more awesome (which is also why refuse to even try ZBrush - no support there at all for such devices). Because of my background as a software developer and being a hobby graphics programmer, I was pretty familiar with the technical side of how 3D Coat works and the terminology, so the hardest part for me now is to get actual sculpting and retopoing done :). I actually wrote a Mudbox plugin to get my 3D mouse working there, but that didn't help much in terms of "intuitivity", so I dropped that and I'm really glad I did, because 3D Coat is really fun, from what I've tried so far. I bought the "Amateur" edition, because I'm doing that as a hobby exclusively, now. I wanted to create models for graphics-tech-demos and more-or-less small games, but that's still just supposed to be a hobby. I think I can still upgrade, if that's not enough, but because I'm still learning how to use all those tools, I'll be fine for quite some time (it's great how much there is to find about this software on youtube). I haven't done much with it, yet - I feel I should do more sculpting myself instead of looking at workflow tutorials all the time :). Btw. I'm using the beta 4.7.26, because I like using the newest versions there are. I'm aware of it possibly not being stable, but I'm also used to save a lot.
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