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  1. z1rome

    z1rome's Sketchbook

    First real attempt at a space scene. Probably do a few iterations, but I did a render because I felt like a new FB banner.
  2. z1rome

    z1rome's Sketchbook

    Some sort of air/space craft I'm working on. Few different software for this one but 3d-Coat is involved. Still working on my textures/materials, and the final image will be in space most likely.
  3. z1rome

    z1rome's Sketchbook

    Thank you :-) I'm having a tremendously hard time with inspiration these days. Think I'm might have to reacquaint myself with drawing to exercise that side of my brain for a few months then return to sculpting. How do you guys stay inspired?
  4. z1rome

    z1rome's Sketchbook

    Finally found time to do the retopo. Did some detailing and painting, but I think I might redo it. Figured I'd share my progress anyway. Rendered it in Cycles.
  5. z1rome

    z1rome's Sketchbook

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. Hopefully I can get to the retopo in the next day or so and move on to the fun stuff. It's not my strong suit, I feel so slow during that phase.
  6. Hi all, my name is Brian. I've dabbled in 3d for years, but never had the time to get completely serious about it. Still don't honestly, but I fit it in when I can. I consider myself a novice still, but I have a good foundation to work with. My sketchbook won't compare to most of the ones on here, as there are some great artists in this community and I'm a noob to 3DCoat. But here goes! Here's my first real sculpt after messing around with all the tools for a day. Didn't get too crazy as this is more about practicing on retopo, detailing, baking, texturing. Not for anything particular just trying to figure out a good workflow for myself. Hopefully I'll have a cooler looking finished render for you guys to check out soon. Anyways, any critique is welcomed and I'll see you soon!