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  1. Yes. Should I let it turned on or off? To be honest, I just want to use 3D Coat for Retopology, nothing else.
  2. So, when I use 3D coat sometimes the topology keeps using the command "invert mirror" sometimes when I do something. Is there a way to fix this? Why does it happens? Any turn around the issue?
  3. So, is it possible to alternate the color of specific colors along loops of faces in the retopo mode? Because when it's the same green shade, it's hard to make proper topology and I get lost easily. I mean something like in the attached image. I know that different "islands" have different colors, but when they connect in the mesh they all become the same green.
  4. Hello. I want to make 3D art as a freelancer. Hopefully, in the future you will know about me.
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