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  1. Gen

    Cannot import .3dcpack shader pack

    Carlosan, Ah, I got it. Michaelgdrs, Unfortunately it is not. But thank you so much for your offer. I will check your homepage anyway!
  2. Hi, I am trying to import .3dcpack shader pack from File>Install Extension but having no luck. when I did it, 3d-coat suggested me to reboot the application but nothing changed after rebooting. Is there any other thing I need to do to install .3dcpack shaders? Any hidden tips? Hope I am not posting my question to somewhere not suitable. 3d-coat V4.8.03(DX64) FYI, the pack seemed to be created earlier version.
  3. Gen

    How to delete half of voxel model?

    Carlosan, Snap to 2D grid!? Wow, that is exactly more than I need to know! Thank you so much for your advise!
  4. Hi, Is there any easy way to delete the half of symmetry voxel model? Now I am using "delete" command with rectangle selection mode to delete the half of a model, I do not know how I can find the exact center line in the 3D space. Then, I need to do some clean up work when I do symmetry copy after I finish working the rest half of the model. Someone please tell me how I can find exact the center of my symmetry model. There should be an easy way but I still cannot find it...
  5. Thank you digman! You solved my issue right away! So many things to learn but such a fun software to messing around.
  6. Thank you for the reply, Carlosan. Unfortunately, my issue is a bit different from the one mentioned in the thread. In my case, I 3D-coat does not build a sphere but it build an artifact more like a box or a cube. Please see the pic in which I tried to create spheres using "sphere" function.
  7. Hi,I am very new to 3d-coat so I might be wrong but it seems "sphere" function does not work correctly in Mac version of 3D-coat. I tried to change tool settings but had no luck and the function kept working almost same as the "blob" function. Here is the environment: Mac Book Pro early 2013 Geforce GT N650 OS Mac OS 10.1.24 Memory 8GB 3D-coat ver4.7.23 There I see some drawing issues but I can ignore. Maybe because of poor machine power of my mac book. I would like to know if the malfunction such as above has been one of known issues, demo specific problem or so... I own Windows version and trying free demo of Mac version because I am thinking adding Mac license. Working on 3D-coat outside of my house would be fantastic! Gen