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  1. Carlosan, Ah, I got it. Michaelgdrs, Unfortunately it is not. But thank you so much for your offer. I will check your homepage anyway!
  2. Hi, I am trying to import .3dcpack shader pack from File>Install Extension but having no luck. when I did it, 3d-coat suggested me to reboot the application but nothing changed after rebooting. Is there any other thing I need to do to install .3dcpack shaders? Any hidden tips? Hope I am not posting my question to somewhere not suitable. 3d-coat V4.8.03(DX64) FYI, the pack seemed to be created earlier version.
  3. Carlosan, Snap to 2D grid!? Wow, that is exactly more than I need to know! Thank you so much for your advise!
  4. Hi, Is there any easy way to delete the half of symmetry voxel model? Now I am using "delete" command with rectangle selection mode to delete the half of a model, I do not know how I can find the exact center line in the 3D space. Then, I need to do some clean up work when I do symmetry copy after I finish working the rest half of the model. Someone please tell me how I can find exact the center of my symmetry model. There should be an easy way but I still cannot find it...
  5. Thank you digman! You solved my issue right away! So many things to learn but such a fun software to messing around.
  6. Thank you for the reply, Carlosan. Unfortunately, my issue is a bit different from the one mentioned in the thread. In my case, I 3D-coat does not build a sphere but it build an artifact more like a box or a cube. Please see the pic in which I tried to create spheres using "sphere" function.
  7. Hi,I am very new to 3d-coat so I might be wrong but it seems "sphere" function does not work correctly in Mac version of 3D-coat. I tried to change tool settings but had no luck and the function kept working almost same as the "blob" function. Here is the environment: Mac Book Pro early 2013 Geforce GT N650 OS Mac OS 10.1.24 Memory 8GB 3D-coat ver4.7.23 There I see some drawing issues but I can ignore. Maybe because of poor machine power of my mac book. I would like to know if the malfunction such as above has been one of known issues, demo specific problem or so... I own Windows version and trying free demo of Mac version because I am thinking adding Mac license. Working on 3D-coat outside of my house would be fantastic! Gen