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  1. Hello So all you need to do Im believe is make the layer that you have got the material on to a % like 25 or 50. so I'm will just try be clear here okay Layer 0 = 0% to 5% Layer with the glass material on = 25% or whatever you feel works best. make sure the opacity of your brush = 100% that way you get to keep the glass shiny please let me know by replying if they is any more problems
  2. does you has Discord? can try figer out the problem if you want did you remember to put layer 0 opacity % at something low like 15? and then also the actulal opacity of the material you are applying? TriangleTrooper#4734
  3. me = just loaded up 3dcoat to finish texturing this and I'm saw that this has happened! I = can press *6* (lowpoly) to make it go but when I'm = goes into render it it just shows this silliness again! can anyone helps me please? I'm = don't wanna restart him he was a lot of work :/
  4. 18 tile materials inside - (DOWNLOAD - tile materials and textures - Arno Leonardo (%40X-Ymodelling).zip?dl=0 ) Pack 1: Pack 2: I = new to making materials - would love to know what you thinks :] thank you !
  5. my first glass attempts in 3D-Coat: ClearGlass.3dcpack IMPORTANT: Make sure Layer 0 opacity - 25% or lower! then on layer one (or any other layer above 0) use the glass material. make sure the material is on 100% opacity but the layer opacity is on a low % (me = typically choose 15% or less) --- message me if you = need any help sorting it out :]