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  1. Thx! It Works Perfect! The only thing is that on my other non ssd hard drive it takes ages to load my alphas. I think 3d Coat is made to work with a ssd hard drive.
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    Yes, I did.
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    Solution 1. solves the problem to export the Mesh, but I still can not import it from 3d Coat. See Log:
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    I am using Modo 11.1 v.1 and 3d Coat 4.7.24 (GL). Unfortunately the Script doesn`t work for me. It can not inport or export. The Folder instalation is correct and I also setup the excange Folder and 3d Coat Path in the kit. Any Ideas?
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    Finaly! Thank you so much Styler!
  6. Hi Speike-Styles. Thx for the tip. How does the content of the coat_data_path.txt look like? ____________________________________ COAT_FILES_PATH E:\Dokumente\3dCoat\3D-CoatV47/ ____________________________________ Something like this?
  7. I have some huge problems with the default Document folder (C:\Users\XXX\Documents\3D-CoatV47). I added some Alpha Textures and the folder is about to explode. The Texture Folder alone is about 50GB! 3d Coat is converting the textures in his own format, as I recognised. But a Alpha texture is about 130 MB. Are you serious? The original PSD file is about 8 MB. Is there a way to store brush alphas on a different drive to have a better time managing the Texture Folder. Thx.
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    It is a shame that Pilgway didn`t update the Modo Uplink script since "13/05/11 00:05 Last Update" and it is a shame that Pilgway do not support the Modo community anymore. In 3d Coat 4,7 is no more Modo preset, even in the export setup. I don`t know what the strategy of the company is but regarding to this support I´m quite dissapointed. I will not expect that Pilgways strategy will change in the next time. It didn`t change since 2011! Can somebody from the Modo Community fix this script so that it works in Modo 10 and 11? I and I thnik a lot of Modo users will apreciate this effort. Thx.