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    [SOLVED] Curve does not Apply ?

    Solved the problem, I had Brush Along curve selected. Now everything works as expected. I've been trying to get this curve tool to make hair for so long and I just learned about it today. Thanks to this Curves Tool
  2. When I create a curve and press enter it does not apply the curve. This also happens if I click on the Apply button. I'm not sure what's causing this. version 4.8.07
  3. ok so I have some questions! 1 .)Why does the move brush create this weird stretching effect? On the right side of this image I have used the move brush twice, if you notice the outside of the edge on the sphere is smooth and the inside is stretched. 2.) Is there any way to fix this from happening with the move brush itself? 3.) how to get good smoothing results? on the left side of the image I have merged a cylinder to a sphere and I have used the smooth brush to smooth the connecting crease. I find that the smooth brush is not strong, or powerful enough to smooth sometimes. 4.) Can you recommend any techniques for both of these issues? I'm mostly working with human anatomy sculpts and seperating or attaching limbs. thanks!