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  1. Hi, thanks a lot, it fixed my problem, for those who have the same problem here some examples that I did: mklink /J C:\Users\lion\Documents\3D-CoatV47\textures\patterns\3DC_Brushes "F:\Art\Library\3D Coat\3DC_Brushes_05\textures\patterns\3DC_Brushes" mklink /J C:\Users\lion\Documents\3D-CoatV47\textures\patterns\Cracks_Wrinkles "F:\Art\Library\3D Coat\Cracks_Wrinkles\textures\patterns\Cracks-Wrinkles" mklink is the code, /J is for choosing the directory, the first line is called Link, meaning it will create a shortcut for you in 3D Coat Document folder, so don't create a folder yourself write the text in Link, the second line is called Target, it will point to your external hard drive file location... you have to write the whole pass, and "" is for when your text contains Space like 3D Coat, you need to put it in "". tnx.
  2. Hi everyone, a new user is here! love 3D Coat! So I wanted to try new brushes and materials in download section, and they are like 15 GB! after I unzip them, and boy I don't have that space in my C drive, so I moved them to my external hard drive and created a shortcut and pasted it to my document where 3d coat textures and patterns are, but unfortunately 3D Coat is not reading it, it only reads when I paste the actual file, not the shortcut version, is there anyway to make this work? I learned this trick working with Zbrush, it would be nice if we can do this in 3D Coat as well! if not I can't use these awesome brushes I don't have enough space! The below image shows the shortcut version where didn't work and the actual file which works! tnx.