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  1. Rainydaylover

    [Solved] Just a question...

  2. Rainydaylover

    [Solved] Just a question...

    I have an older version (bought some two years ago), do I have to pay something for updating to the latest version? And if it is free, does it work with the same serial number I have? Thanks...
  3. Rainydaylover

    EchoForm's Hard Surface Mech Journey

    Nice tries on hard surface modeling! The first, especially, render has something very unique. This slightly painterly feel of the non reflective metallic materials on its surfaces is given very successfully. Also, the minimalist approach as to the colors of the objects is very well aimed. Would like to see further works...
  4. Rainydaylover

    BVK's random thingies

    The figures look like a synthesis of the sculpture of prehistoric era and futuristic robots. They have something unique that can be worked further. They need, however, a clarity in their appearance. They are too dark. I think that they need a special focusing on matters of better shading, texturing and rendering.
  5. Rainydaylover

    Sketchbook Journey

    Very rich imagination and very dedicated, inspiring creativity! Bravo! Btw, how did you achieve the npr look of images as 'Wonky Eyes. Quick sketch', 'Kitbash_0308207' and 'First generation industrial Bot. Used to handle hazardous materials.'? Is there a way to achieve such render styles in 3DCoat?
  6. Rainydaylover

    First creation in 3d with 3d coat

    Nice cartoonish direction! The digital sculpture tools are a gold mine as to creation of cartoon characters. The work here is a very nice start. Wishes for further inspirations! : - )
  7. Rainydaylover

    Young Pegasus...

    Thanks Gbball!
  8. Rainydaylover

    Young Pegasus...

    Btw, I forgat to say it: the rendering is made in Blender's Cycles renderer. Cycles has a very powerful shading and material applying system, that offers a very rich range of possibilities to achieve highly believable sculpture materials.
  9. Rainydaylover

    Young Pegasus...

    This is my first try to do something with 3D Coat. My job was that of an illustrator and cartoonist but nowadays I am working in unrelated areas. I always wanted to make sculpture. It is an occupation that needs an atelier however, something that under the present conditions I can not afford. So, apps as is 3D Coat are a good solution. I congratulate Andrew and all the development team, they have made a very nice -and affordable- app. Wishes so that it will flourish even further. The horses, as you know, are a very dear theme to most sculptors. So it was a challenge to see what may come out from a related try. Feel free to share your opinions and criticism. It will appreciated highly. : - )
  10. Rainydaylover

    Some questions...

    It would never come to my mind that the appearing sheet is only for reminding purposes. Thanks a lot for the help! : - )
  11. Rainydaylover

    Some questions...

    Thanks for the answers but I think that my second question has not been understood properly. My question had not to do with the three choices that exist on the upper bar (the three spheres -violet, green and black-) but with the alphas (in right side of your image). When I go, with the cursor, on an alpha brush there and click on it there opens a small four choice pop-up sheet ( having choices for 'all, color, alpha, depth, specl'). It is it that when going to choose one of its preferences (say the 'all' preference for example) closes immediately without giving the chance to choose it. In my case it has stuck on the 'depth' preference... it opens but when I try to click on another preference on it, it closes before my being able to click on it. It seems that it is a bug. It is irrational to have such a pop-up tab opening without giving the chance to click on one of its preferences. Give a look to it please: left click on the 'corroded' alpha, for example, and then try to click on a preference between the ones on the small pop-up sheet that appears... you will see that you will not be able to do it: the sheet will close without giving you the opportunity to click on any preference on it.
  12. Rainydaylover

    Some questions...

    Hello all! I have downloaded a demo of 3DCoat and think to buy it too. There are some things that I want to ask however: is the exporting of voxel objects (in obj files, for example) disabled in the 30 days demo version? I am going to 'file' (in 'sculpt' mode) for finding an 'export' option but nothing appears there. I would like to see what the exported mesh's quality would be when opened in another app. And something other too: in the alpha brushes tab when I click on a brush and go to choose between the 'all, color, alpha, depth, specl' options the popping up tab does not stay open enough so as to give the opportunity to click on one of the choices. That's to say, you can not switch between the choices there. What may be going on? A bug maybe? Thanks in advance for any information...