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  1. Thanks Andrew! I tested the scene and is not doing the weird brush radius problem in 2020.19
  2. Maybe this is just a memory issue because I have 16gb of ram and is a very detail scene but after the ambient occlusion calculation 3dcoat slow down and I have to save and close the program then everything go back to normal. btw I just speed up the calculation part, took a lot of time. slowdown.mp4
  3. Weird artifacts in render mode when you chose render pass, depth with screen space reflections and screen space illumination on. with version 2021.19 with the version .16 just crash 3d coat. 3dcoat-2021.19 2021.08.02 -
  4. Hi, I found two very annoying bugs, the color picker is not working if you chose a color and switch to fill tool for example is switching back to previous color. The second one is the fill, fill with erase is not erasing is just filling with color.
  5. Thank you so much that fix a lot of problem I will never turn off the grid again!, but the weird color picker behavior still present.
  6. Hi, I found two problems that are stopping me to continue using the software you can see my frustration in the video example, every time I use the color picker it switch back to the previous color, second the brush size get super big and every time use the fill color switch back to the original size. Is my scene to small now? Please let me know if there is a fix for this I don't want to give up with 3d coat 2021. I'm using 2021.17 but the same happen in .16 3dcoat-2021.17 2021.08.01 - 3dcoat-2021.17 2021.08.01 -
  7. Would be a good feature when you want to add ambient occlusion to detect some how the size of your project and recommend you to re scale the scene so you don't get those random artifacts .
  8. I figure out, the whole scene was to big so I re import the file an 3d coat scale the whole model.
  9. Hi, I don't know if I broke 3d coat with this model but is not calculating the occlusion right, I did the full sculpt in 3d coat and I just wanted to do a fast paint. I don't have any idea how to fix this problem let me I know if you want me to send the file.
  10. This is maybe a stupid question how do I register the beta with my account? I don't see any login in 3dcoat website only in the forum section.
  11. Thanks, they are all painted with vertex colors and render in 3d coat the rest background and color correction is Photoshop.
  12. Hi Here are a few more of my Sculpts The Peach image took me more than 45 min
  13. Thanks for the feature Taros and sorry for the late repply Thanks ajz3d the saliva was done using a Bezier Curve and both corners was attach to two Hooks.
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