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  1. Falconius

    [Request] faster smoothing for the pose tool

    Oh I agree. Sometimes you paint a perfect selection but it's got the wrong gradient, or the gradient is in the wrong place, and you wish you could just smooth it out, and you try clicking that a dozen times and nothing happens. Figuring out how to do redo something you already did but with the added twist of this time you want the gradient correct is a PITA.
  2. Falconius

    [Request] faster smoothing for the pose tool

    Yeah it's best to avoid it entirely. Unless your object is really low resolution.
  3. Falconius

    Scary M's Sketch book

    Bell bottoms! I like it.
  4. Falconius

    Scary M's Sketch book

    Maybe. To be honest I'd either pleat the tops and flare the bottoms, or make them even looser at the tops of all those leg ring things. Just so it looks more deliberate.
  5. I think the graininess of that image was a deliberate choice on the part of it's creator/s. It looks like they wanted that stylization.
  6. Falconius

    Good art books

    I quite like this one I got last year: https://www.amazon.com/Sorolla-Masterworks-Blanca-Pons-Sorolla/dp/0847839338/v Sorolla was a truly brilliant painter. (see end of post) --------------------------------- This one is pretty good in covering the technical aspects of sculpting things (in clay): https://www.amazon.com/Beginners-Guide-Sculpting-Characters-Clay/dp/1909414409/ ---------------------------------- And if you can get over the haughty overtones of the author this is a pretty good book for studying drawing: https://www.amazon.com/Drawing-Lessons-Great-Masters-Anniversary-ebook/dp/B00G8ELT0M/
  7. Falconius

    First day and I've got artifacts

    Just as a note, boolean operations perform much better voxel mode. When I model I try to take care of all the boolean operations there before I switch to surface mode (actually I try to care of most of the stuff I can in voxel mode before switching to surface, it's a more forgiving environment).
  8. Falconius

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta !

    I actually have the same question, there are some textures I'd like to use directly in blender in projects that 3D coat isn't really suitable for. Is there a file that I can find the installed textures in?
  9. Falconius

    Inkscape Version 1 is Released (FOSS)

    It's got some really nice new features. A note to those who are upgrading though, go back into preferences and make sure that auto save is still enabled. For some reason when I upgraded mine that got switched off and cost me a couple of hours of work. (of course even though I normally obsessively save, for some reason I didn't and that's obviously when it's going to crash.)
  10. Falconius

    Can anyone help?

    What actually works? The whole thing works... You bought something not knowing what it's for? How? Why? As mentioned its a program that is heavily used to retopo 3d models and paint textures on them. I use it mainly for sculpting.
  11. Falconius

    [Bug] About Spacebar shortcut

    I think it happens after a version update, you have to restock the buttons on the bar. Otherwise they are linking to the wrong thing like you got there.
  12. Falconius

    Sculpt January Quest

    Day 5 Procrastinate Haha I honestly couldn't think of anything I wanted to do for this and so I spent the hour freesculpting and this is what I ended up with:
  13. Falconius

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Yeah that's what I use, I never thought of your second method, but now that I know about it if I'm working on something important I'd probably use that.
  14. Falconius

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    I didn't know there was such a button, if there was I would definitely use it. Right now I have to go through three steps to decrease resolution. Even if it was hotkeyed it'd still be two steps.
  15. Falconius

    Sculpt January Quest

    Day 3: Nervous: And Day 4: Rigid