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  1. Falconius

    Three D Guns 2 challenge

    Looks like a pretty neat competition, thanks for the heads up Carlosan.
  2. Falconius

    Feature suggestion/dream: Model to Armature

    The pose tool is fantastic I love it, but it really doesn't behave in this manner, and it can be quite finicky and clunky depending on what you're after. This is more for quick early adjustments that you wouldn't really have to think about too much in the early block out and mid stages. It would also make asymmetrical sculpting of creatures simpler. I can actually think of all sorts of things it could be used for. Especially if you have the option to turn on and off armature adhesion of the various objects/meshes.
  3. I come from traditional sculpture. And the process there is pretty straight forward, you make an armature, bend it into the rough shape you want to achieve and then you start adding clay to that armature. Through out the process you can make small adjustments to the armature and it carries all the clay with it. It seems like it'd be a pretty useful idea to have in a sculpting program, I have no idea if it's feasible or not. Basically you'd build a bezier curve or nurbs curve bone structure, this curve structure would be persistent and it's own selectable object or layer, then you'd be able to stick vox clay to that curve, and then be able to repose the armature and the clay would follow the curve. It'd be a bit like making an animation armature except the process would be sort of in reverse.
  4. He makes a separate layer, and turns off "draw from first point". Then it will follow the model (everything that is visible).
  5. Falconius

    [Fixed] Bug with symetry VoxHide ?

    To me it looks like the mesh itself is not a flat face and it looks like the brush is just not deep enough on the other side to actually reach the surface even though it is actually mirroring. But my perception of it could just be an optical illusion with the shading. Edit: Also in the lower left corner of the screen check to make sure the object is Uniform. If it's non-uniform it'll appear in red. I forgot how to make it uniform again though.
  6. Depends what you are doing, it's very feature rich. Personally of the free raster programs I prefer Krita, it's got a nicer brush engine and just feels better.
  7. Falconius

    Baking Errors

    They are pretty clear on the top of the bun. Looks like it may be an ambient occlusion problem or shading option to give flat shading to the polys.
  8. Falconius

    A good sculpting matcap.

    Oh this is nice. Thank you.
  9. I'm not sure what the issue is without seeing it, but you can use the brush to try and smooth it. Or as often happens it has a vertex off in the middle of nowhere you can delete the polygon and fill it in manually, though in cases like that you often have to delete quite a few until you get to normal ones with their vertexes actually on the surface. By no means I'm I particularly experienced at the retopo stuff so someone else may have a better answer. Blender also has a mesh option to make faces planar in the edit mode so if worse comes to worse you could try taking it there and then back.
  10. Ah I understand, you explained it quite well.
  11. Regarding Plane Offset I'm not sure I understand how that differs from the depth control on most tools?
  12. I don't mind having specific rooms, although I think there are too many. For instance I like the sculpt room and I don't want it all cluttered up with a bunch of stuff unrelated, (and layout's is not a better answer, why have layouts when you can have optimized rooms?). What really bothers me is how cumbersome the flow is between the rooms. It's hard to go from one to the other smoothly. Especially when you are new to the program. Indeed even if it's just some simple irritants like voxels showing up in a different room when you don't want them or the paint stuff showing up in a different room when you don't want it.
  13. Falconius

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta!

    Ah yes I agree with this. Coupled with this: I don't know if it's possible (I suspect not) but it would also be great if we could pack up several materials from our library into one 3DCpack and be able to install several materials at once.
  14. I think custom watercooling is more for those interested in making their machine a work of art and have it around for a few years than it is for people who are using their machines to work and frequently upgrade. The sealed systems are just better in terms of ease of use, risk, and maintenance.
  15. Oh dude, yeah that is seriously cool.