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  1. Falconius

    Sculpt January Quest

    Day 5 Procrastinate Haha I honestly couldn't think of anything I wanted to do for this and so I spent the hour freesculpting and this is what I ended up with:
  2. Falconius

    3DCoat 4.9 <Open BETA> testing thread

    Yeah that's what I use, I never thought of your second method, but now that I know about it if I'm working on something important I'd probably use that.
  3. Falconius

    3DCoat 4.9 <Open BETA> testing thread

    I didn't know there was such a button, if there was I would definitely use it. Right now I have to go through three steps to decrease resolution. Even if it was hotkeyed it'd still be two steps.
  4. Falconius

    Sculpt January Quest

    Day 3: Nervous: And Day 4: Rigid
  5. Falconius

    TMNT characters

    These are great. Krang has to be one of the best villains ever.
  6. Falconius

    Sculpt January Quest

    Here is day 2: Machine
  7. Falconius

    Sculpt January Quest

    Is anyone else doing Sculpt January? I figured that I'd give it a go. I'm limiting myself to about an hour a sketch, and here's the first one: Spectral
  8. Falconius


    Ah ok. I thought it was measured from the first pick point (I wonder if that is something that can be an option in the settings menu?). And what does the number mean, for instance the default is like 15 or 30, so 30 what? Voxels?
  9. Falconius


    I'm going to resurrect this. What does the depth limit even mean? I can do the same cut with it on 30 and it goes the right depth but then set that down to 5 and it goes 3 times as deep. What does the number mean? And where is that number measured from?
  10. I don't think the costs per value is actually strong enough to warrant it, at least they wouldn't be to me if I were that age. But I may be completely wrong. Unlike an art collage or art university you are picking up actual skills and experience, and I think can pretty much walk right into an industry job. How many years would it take working such a job to pay that off though? Indeed I think for that kind of money you could do quite a lot of things, including perhaps, hiring an industry professional for some tutoring.
  11. Falconius

    Unpredictable, unreliable tools?

    I think there is always room for improvement for the feel of a brush. I'd really like 3D Coat to devote some time to that, I think it'd be really beneficial as I know that is the sort of thing that will definitely pull in users.. But I haven't noticed the extreme poor behaviors you are describing (I'm on an Wacom intous).
  12. Falconius

    [Solved] Turn off paint objects in retopo room

    Ah, thanks Carlosan.
  13. Falconius

    Blender 2.81 Alpha is out, stable release in November

    Yup. That's one of the many great things about Blender. Competition pushes development and innovation. I'm certainly not going to complain
  14. Falconius

    [Solved] Turn off paint objects in retopo room

    I deleted the paint room layers (except 0 because you cant), I don't know how to delete the paint room object, if it is an option. I also tried hiding all the paint room layers which will stop them from showing in the Retopo room unfortunately they still affect things like the tool "strokes" etc. I wanted to retopo (autopo) the object in question and start from scratch. I tried adding new retopo layers and or deleting the old ones as well. In any case I'm not sure why the case is that the paint room stuff shows up in the retopo room. I'm sure it has a purpose that I'm unaware of.
  15. Falconius

    Blender 2.81 Alpha is out, stable release in November

    Not really. Blenders sculpting capabilities have now come up to an acceptable basic level. It in no way matches 3D Coat's or Z Brushes strength or usefulness. I had to use the sculpting in Blender 2.8 recently and frankly it was ... as I said, rather basic. 3D coat really does need a pose tool like the one demonstrated there though, and indeed I suggested something similar here a few months back. I do wish it had some non destructive and more visible boolean operations available. For instance if instead of using an imported model or a primitive to subtract or add to a layer and then hitting apply, you could use a different layer to add or subtract. Blender can do things like that even if it's a bit finicky, and slows the machine down. Incidentally the Autopo works really well in 3D coat now, it's definitely been improved.