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  1. Well, i'm in the right part of the forum no? I think that this topic is already in the section you point out.
  2. Hey, I love the voxel sculpting allowed by 3dcoat, i wonder if it could be possible to add some occulus rift sculpting functions, i think, more than other softwares, 3dcoat would profit more again the interest of virtual reality sculpting. Could be very cool, and be exactly like real world sculpting, compared to other softwares already working with occulus.
  3. Hello, I'd like to know if there is a way i could do some kind of panel with properties, and do some update before every frame shows up on what is going to be shown on scene? (the purpose is to try to do some kind of array modifier like in blender, and maybe more kind of modifiers like that, which would be non destructive, or destructive if i got no choice).
  4. Hey, do you know the software "Mandelbulb 3D", maybe you could add to your software some basic fractals generation of voxels? Voxels seems perfectly fitted for that purpose, and i dont think its too hard to implement.
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